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  • Moderne Galerie

    The Saarland Museum with Moderne Galerie During my exchange mobility at Hochschule der Bildeden Kunste Saar in the city of Saarbrucken, Germany, I have visited many art related institutions such as galleries or museums in the city or outside of it, but one that gave me...

    0 by Șchiopu, in What to see Saarbrücken, one year ago
  • Deutsch-Französischer Garten

    Deutsch-Französischer Garten  When I was living in Germany in the city of Saarbrucken I was going pretty often to the Deutsch-Französischer Garten because I was following an university seminar that was taking place in the space of the garden. Before having the course...

    0 by Șchiopu, in What to see Saarbrücken, one year ago
  • Saarschleife

    Saarschleife, the loop of the Saar river If you are leaving in Saarbrucken and you maybe got bored or tired of the city then you have to put on your trekking shoes and head to Saarschleife, the place where the Saar river makes a very big loop offering an awesome...

    0 by Șchiopu, in What to do Saarbrücken, one year ago
  • 8 Latino Film Festival

    Hi everybody!!  This weekend the 8. Latino Film Festival is taking place here in Saarbrücken From today till next tuesday you will have the opportunity to see various films in the Filmhause of Saarbrücken.  If somebody is intrerested you can look the website, with a...

    0 by Lucía, in What to do Saarbrücken, 3 years ago

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