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  • Looking for a Room in Rostock or in the near

    Hi, I'm Cameroonian but I studied medicine in Italy. I'm looking for a room in Rostock to take the medical language exam there. I will stay there for at least 4 months. Thank you

    one year ago
  • Looking for a room

    Hello everyone, My name is Majid and I am from Iran. I am an Erasmus student of university of Rostock. I speak English and German. 31 years old age and looking for a shared room or university dormitory. I'm a kind of neat and punctual guy who is just dealing with his...

    2 years ago
  • 51 year old woman, looking for accommodation in Rostock

    I am a Ph.D. student. I am traveling to Rostock to attend a school in my field. I'm studying plasma-medicine. I am very friendly and sociable. I need a reasonable room for one month, I am from a low-income country. I cannot pay a lot. I love music. I don't have a pet...

    3 years ago
  • Master Student looking for accommodation in Rostock

    Hi everyone! My name is Alonso. I am a Peruvian master student in marine resource management. I will be doing my thesis work at the Thünen Institute in Rostock between January and July. I am looking for a furnished bedroom for that period. I am extroverted and easy...

    3 years ago
  • looking for accommodation

    Hallo, i'm a new PHD student in Rostock university  my filed of research is the ecology,  I am actually interested in fitness and gardening. Volunteering on environmental conservation projects and participate in cultural day activities. i would like to asking...

    3 years ago
  • looking for accommodation

    Hi i'm a Aicha a new PHD student in Rostock university. i would like to asking you for accommodation in available room with reasonable price. i m looking for reasonable rent prices, stability and appropriate area to concentrate on my PhD studies.          I am...

    3 years ago
  • 23 year old boy looking for accomodation in Rostock

    I'm looking for accomodation and sharing the room with anyone. I'm communicating with others very friendly. So the people must have friendlyness.If any one interest to give an accomodation to me, please give an information to me as soon as possible. I'm from India, but...

    4 years ago
  • 23 years old boy iam looking for room accomodation in rostock iam a student in university of rostock coming to rostock sep2017

    I am naveen, 23 years old and iam looking for the accomdation in rostock to share room with indians and iam accepted by university of rostock for masters course in electrical engineering for winter 2017, so if any looking for the same contact me.iam intrested in...

    5 years ago
  • 25 year old boy looking for accomodation with indians near rostock university

    I am indian and looking for room with indian roommates..i want room near to rostock university and will be coming on 28th march 2017.i will be pursuing master from 2017 to 2019.I am flexible with location around university. I WANT ROOM FROM 28Th MARCH EVENING...

    5 years ago
  • 26 years old looking for an accomodation in the city of Rostock

    Hi, I am looking for room mates. Apparently all the dorms are booked. So I might can tag along with you and we can take an apartment and share it together. And trust me I dont trouble my room-mates, I respect their privacies and space. If anyone ping me About myself, I...

    5 years ago
  • 22 year old boy looking for accommodation in Rostock

    Hi. I am from India going to pursue Master studies in University of Rostock from October. I am looking for a single furnished room having wifi facility and should be near to the university. It can be a reasonable apartment or shared flat or an university dorm.   I am a...

    6 years ago
  • 25enne cerca alloggio a Rostock

    I'm looking for a flat in Rostock if possible near to Albrecht-Kossel-Institut für Neuroregeneration, in  Gehlsheimer Str. 20. I should stay there for three months. It's my first experience in Germany. I would like to live in a flat in a quiete and well connected...

    6 years ago
  • 22 years old boy.looking for accomodation in rostock

    I am an indian. 22 yr young boy. came to study in germany. need a room with co operate helping room mates i will co operate with u guys  i eat non veg i drink beer but i dont drink alcohol i dont smoke i dont like my room mates who smoke

    6 years ago
  • looking for accommodation in rostock

    I need an appartment its very urgent please , i need the appartment along with rental contract . contact me through my contact number. i need an appartment its very urgent please , i need the appartment along with rental contract.i need an appartment its very urgent...

    7 years ago

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