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Erasmus Rome 2018 / 2019 (English)

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I'm Mariana, 33 years old, I'm a master degree student and I will stay in Rome from october until december (2018) to study in Roma tre. I'm looking for a roommate to share some acommodation. . If you think it can be possible for you, just call me and let's talking! :)

Hi Mariana, I dont know if you are spanish, then I´ll speak in English. Im going to study too a master of civil engineering in Roma Tre. Then if you want we can search together! :)

Hi Manuel! Nice! I'm brazilian, so you can speak the both languages to me, that I undertand you ;) We can do it! How long do you plan to stay there and when do you arrive? We can send us the apartments we like :)

Hi! Next year I will be studying the first semester at Sapienza. I have a couple of flats in the termini area, but I need two roommates ! If someone is interested contact me as soon as possible! 

Hy ,anyone there who are coming to rome in 2018 and willing to share flate or apartment .

Plz fel free to message me.

Hi! My name is Carolina, I'm a 22 years old student from Brazil. I'm going to LUISS Guido Carli from October to December, as part of the EUPADRA program. Anyone else is doing this Master?

Hi there! I'm Jaime Ruano Benito. I'm from Spain (Toledo) and I'll be studying humanities next year at Rome (La Sapienza). I'm really looking forward to it! I love arts and philosophy, so ofc Rome is the perfect city for me. My italian is pretty poor atm, but hopefully I'll improve it. See y'all at Rome :)

Hi everyone! I'm Simona, I'm Italian and I'd like to share a flat with international students, so if you're looking for a flatmate, please contact me! 

Hey, I’m looking for a roommate. Do you think you’d be interested in living togethe?

Hello everyone!

 I'm Haluk from Turkey. I will be studying in La Sapienza for two semesters and matter of fact, I'm now writing in Rome :) I am looking for people to share an apartment in my stay as well as finding people to spend time with and socialize. I'm a fun and well-educated guy and please feel free to contact! :D

Hello, I am from paris, I speak french, spanish, inglish and a little italian.

I would like to share an appartement with orther people near trastevere or piazza navona. 

I like to hang out with my friends, party a little, read, watch movies, cook, do yoga and other sports.

Let me know if you are intersted to share an apartment in this area.


I'm Danyal and I'm hopefully going to be studying medince at Rome La Sapienza. If anybody else is going to this university and wants to live together or be roommates. Message me and hopefully we can. 


I'm Gediminas, I am studying Political Science in Link Campus university. If anybody else is going to this university and is looking for a roommate please do not hesitate and message me...

Hola soy Irene, de Galicia y estudiare en la universidad de la sapienza desde octubre hasta diciembre, busco piso, a poder ser de 400€ para abajo, cerca de la universidad es urgente y creo que iré sola así que me gustaría encontrarme allí con más gente de España 

Showing 41-56 of 56 entries

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