Experience in University of Reading, United Kingdom by Katie

Generally, what is University of Reading like?

It's a campus uni so there's everything you need nearby. It has a beautiful lake to escape from the library and the town center is really close by, catering to all of your shopping needs.

What are the facilities like?

The gym on campus was refurbished last year - a little on the small side, but great for meeting new people and there are plently of other gyms in town too, if you're after a little more room! There are a couple of cute little cafes on campus and lots of study space. Union is also on campus for a good night out every Wednesday and Saturday. 

What are the tutors like?

I'm studying in the languages department and everyone is alway really friendly and happy to help. The lecture sizes are also very small and pretty much simultaneous with seminars which ensures lots of quality contact time with the lecturers. 

The Italian department are full of life and encouragement (especially Enza). Work is always set and corrections thoroughly given - very much willing to go above and beyond!

The German department have a lot of little meet ups outside of scheduled lectures - such as 'Kaffee Treff' to practice your verbal skills. 

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