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Sergio's Erasmus Experience in Prague, Czech Republic

Why did you choose to go to Prague, Czech Republic?

It’s an exotic country which was completely unknown to me, cheap to live in and well-situated for travelling to nearby countries.


How long was your scholarship for? How much money did you receive?

My scholarship was for 8 months and I received €350 a month.

How is the student life in Prague?

Great, at university your classmates and teachers make things easy for you and the international students' club (ISC) is the best I’ve seen, they organise activities, events, parties and trips every week.

Would you recommend Prague as a city and University to other students?

Absolutely. The city is incredibly beautiful and welcoming. The university has great facilities with easy access, it’s brilliant.

How is the food?

There’s loads of meat and soup and hardly any vegetables or fish, and there’s no better pork knuckle or rack of ribs to be found than in Prague. The goulash is my favourite though.


Was it difficult to find accommodation in Prague?

Not at all, I stayed in Strahov student halls, which although a bit out-dated and old, the fun atmosphere and sense of community is the best I’ve come across!

What is the cost of living in Prague?


How did you get on with the language? Did you attend a course at the University?

Terribly, you’ll go crazy trying to understand it. I did a four-month course but I only learned the basics.

What’s the most cost-effective way to get to Prague from your hometown?

A low-cost airline, you can fly direct from Valencia to Prague with Smartwings.


Where would you recommend for a night out in Prague?

Anywhere in the centre and Namesti Miru. Sazazu.

What about eating out in Prague? Can you tell us some of your favourite places to go?

Any restaurant in the business district Andel.

What is there in terms of cultural places to visit?

The castle, the museum of modern and contemporary art, the national museum, the comic book museum on Na Prikope street, Church of the Infant Jesus, St. Nicholas Church and above all, Kampa Island and Letna Park.


Any advice for students going to Prague in the future?

Make the most of your Erasmus experience, do as many activities as possible, travel, meet non-Spanish people, drink the best beer in the world.

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