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Erasmus in Prague

Published by flag-pt Joana Pereira — 2 years ago

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What is it like to live in Prague?

It's a magical place to live in, the city has a natural beauty, not sure if it is for the river, the bridges or for the architecture of the buildings, but it is definitely a city where you always have something new to do or visit. If you are from western countries as I am, you will notice a certain difficulty to interact with native people, the cultures are too different.


What is the student lifestyle like in Prague?

Easy!. I lived in the university dorms, quite far from city center, but there were a lot of international students, you are only alone if you want to! Czech students may not be the nicest, but you will deal mostly with international ones. University work was very very light, compared with waht I was used to back home. During the day we would go to classes, walk around the city, go to the dorms to have dinner and then you just needed to choose a place for party, which was not difficult. Students lifestyle in Prague is only party

How is the food in the country?

If you come from a country like mine, Portugal, it will be difficult to find any other country with such nice gastronomy as yours. Personally I was not the biggest fan of czech traditional dishes like goulash, but the trdelnik is something worth to try and you can find it everywhere in the city.

What places would you recommend for going out at night in Prague?

It's not difficult to find a place to go out in Prague. You have a lot of smaller pubs to go "just for a beer" with your friends, like Popo cafes or Vzorkovna and many others low-cost around Zizkov neighborhood. If you are into listen to some music and dance, the are so many! There is the big and famous Karlovy Lazne, with 5 floors with all kinds of music, however the entrance is a bit expensive, compared with other places in town. Chapeau Rouge, Retro Dance Hall, Roxy or Cross Club are also nice places to go, usually the entrance is like 50 czk but if you go early it's free. Nighlife in Prague is in general cheaper than in other european cities. Go to Charles Brigde night, it's the only time you will find it empty!


What are the places you must vist in Prague?

Castle complex, Lennon Wall, Franz Kafka Museum and St. Nicholas Cathedral, Clock Tower, Wenceslas Square, Old Town, Rudolfinum, Jewish Quarter... so so many things to see!


Advice for future students in Prague?

If you go on the winter semester as I did, be ready for the cold! Huge jacket, doesn't matter if its fashionable or not! And don't waste time staying at home, there is so many things to do and visit! I'm not talking only about Prague itself and Czech Republic, the city is in the middle of Europe, you go everywhere from there at incredible prices! You have a lot of options to travel around, but the best one is for sure, by bus, you can switch country for 5/10€, isn't this amazing? Must-do trips outside Czech Republic are with no doubt Vienna and Budapest (I loved Budapest! ) Then you can also visit a lot of german cities, Poland, Slovakia... you have the entire world to discover, don't stay at home a single day!


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