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Cuba Libre Club Poznan

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Latinos nights with great music!

Published by flag-pl Angelika Jurkowska — 5 years ago

Cuba Libre! My first favourite club in Poznan!

I felt in love in the atmosphere provided there! Cause you cannot deny-it's not only people but the club that makes the atmosphere of the place!


So club by itself is not big. There are 2 dancefloors - 1 open only at the weekends and only with latin music (which I looooove! ) and the other with popular mega hits of Europe/world mixed with some latino rhythm. There is also 1 facility only for smokers - I don't smoke, but I have been there and this room got potential. If you are smoker you it will probably fill up your tastes perfectly- :)


Music - it's being played by different DJ's. It's always great so this is not the element I can complain about this club. But there is of course 1 thing - there is just too many people on weekends! I cannot stand the crowd, cause I'm a big fan of dancing not squeezing between masses. But oh well - what can I say? The club is so popular in the city that everybody wants to go there to feel the climate. That's because.


What else is very important to mention is dance classes. Every Monday-Wednesday Cuba Libre offers free latin dance classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers. Classes takes part every Monday-Wednesday before the main party starts. So you can attend those, use the opportunity that the floor at that hour (7 pm) is still not that occupied and enjoy the music! Really amazing experience!

Something that may be interesting for you are prices for sure.

  • Monday-Thursday- free entrance
  • Friday- 10 PLN = 2, 5 euro
  • Saturday-15 PLN = 3, 7 euro

Anything else you would like to know? -Don`t hesitate to ask in comments. I will answer you for sure :)


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