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Erasmus Porto 2010 / 2011 (English)

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Porto so beautiful city :))))))))

My name is Tomasz ( you can call me Tom ) and I'm from Poland. I still don't have place to live so if you have something for me in the city center near my university ( I'll study on ESMAE ), please contact me on my mail ( [email protected] ).


Does anybody need an apartment in Porto? 2 people, each 150 €, as soon as possible. [email protected] ty :)

Hi ,I'm Martin,
I study in Coimbra now but in two weeks I am about to visit my country Czech republic. I fly from Porto on the 7th November at 6am so I would like to arrive to Porto earlier and spend a night there. Does anybody could let sleep at his/her place for a night?
Please let me know on my e-mail


Bom dia todos !!

Hello everyone!
My name is Marijke. I am looking for a two bedroom apartment in Porto during the period of february 2011 until july 2011.
I hope someone can help me to find a good place to stay. Let me know something by sending me an e-mail ([email protected])
Thank you!

my name is Natalia. I;m from Poland. I;m going to go to Porto next February. I;m looking for people, who also go to Porto. I am going to study History on Universidade do Porto.

Best wishes.

..ola! I need an accomodation for three months!! from the end of march to july....I'll have to do an erasmus placement in an archiectural study in the center of the city! contact me
[email protected]

There are 3 free rooms in the underground stop Polo Universitario near the psicology, educations ciencies, dental medics, sports ciencies, ingineer, nutrition and medics faculties. The house is very big with good kitchen, terrace (big enough to do barbacues), washing machine. It is at 5 min to the underground, and 2 min of the bus stop, the rooms are spacious with huge beds. There are 5 girlds living there, and there are 3 rooms free, one of this has the bathroom inside and the others share the bathroom (220 euros per month). If there is someone interested, you can call at (00351)964337368 or 964341361 and we can pass you some photos of the house. Don't lose this opportunity!!!

TO RENT: Fully furnished house with 4 rooms, fully equipped kitchen and large lawn garden.
In Foz, only 5 minutes walk from Católica University and 12 min bus ride from Letras, Ciencias etc.
Please contact by facebook message stating your email for more info.


I need (!) 2 single rooms in Porto, can you help me? I need them from now...
Hope, I find place to live and I won't be homless!

Hi :) Please spend 5 min and help me with my master Thesis! :) I need people from warm countries :)

Please fill up the ONLINE anonymous questionnaire (5 min) in English about energy products and supplements . Thank you in advance!!! :)
It is not important if you use these products or not.

The link is here:



Hi there:)
I'm looking for polish people who are studying in Porto!!!Anyone's here?

Hey there! I am a University graduate who is working in porto come September. I am doing an internship which doesn't pay all that well so I am looking to do a flat share with any number of people. The more the merrier! My budget is 250 euros and under. If anyone has any openings I would love to be a flat mate! Thanks!


apartment for rent from jan 1st 2012 .... house in the centre of town..... 200 per month

Showing 61-75 of 75 entries

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