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Carnival in Ovar: Porto

As I hope you all could have enjoyed carnivals in this week, I will tell you how was my night.

Here in Porto, the carnival lasts approximately 4 days. But it isn't the city where is celebrated more intensively but rather it is in a town called Ovar located half an hour from the city where younger people meets to celebrate this festival.

Well imagine, a small town full with young people and Erasmus, the church didn't look like a church xD, that looked like a disco. The journey to Ovar was the worst thing of all, we hoped to catch the last train of the night that was leaving about 12, but when we arrived to station of Sao Bento, it was very crowded, all of the young people who was going to carnival. It is seen that the two previous trains had been canceled so there were people waiting for more than 3 hours. In the end, we could get on at 1 a. m but hardly, there was a chaos because all the people who had been waiting also got on, there was neither security nor police and everyone started smoking ( joints and tobacco) and as majority were already drunks they started to hit the whole train (windows, trash can... ) If i know, i don't pay for train ticket...

Aside from the bad experience of train, which for another year i already know that the last train should never be get on xD, the festival was great, there was a great esplanade in the town where 4 DJs were settled and played all night, also there was very good atmosphere and everyone wanted to have a good time.

By the way, we were disguised as rockers, something improvised that same evening. We went to Primark to buy some pantyhoses, a few kirch and a little black makeup and ready!

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