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  • 2 Erasmus Studentinnen suchen zwei Zimmer in einer Wohnung in Pontevedra oder Vigo

    We are two Erasmus students, Josefine and Marie, looking for two rooms in a shared apartment in Pontevedra or Vigo. We will study on the faculty "Belas Artes" on Campus Pontevedra. We would like to live in an apartment in the city. We have both never been to Spain and...

    19 days ago
  • 20 Y/O Girl Looking for a place to stay in Pontevedra THIS SUMMER | Prefer Only with Girls

    TÜRKÇE İÇİN BURADAN/WPDEN YAZABİLİRSİNİZ PARA ESPAÑOL, PUEDES ENVIARME UN MENSAJE AQUÍ O POR WHTSAPP I highly prefer to stay in the same house with only girls/women, age doesn’t matter. I don’t mind sharing the fridge, washing-laundry machine etc. I’d...

    one year ago
  • 28 ears old, I'm looking for accomodation in Pontevedra

    Hi! My name is Francesco Mellina, 28 years old. I'm a forest and environmental student from Italy. Actually, I'm looking for accommodation in Pontevedra cause my traineeship after graduation in March. I'm a polite guy, nature lover and friendly. If you have a free room...

    one year ago
  • Italian student searching for accommodation in Pontevedra

    Hello, I'm Carmen from Italy and in Pontevedra I'll study communication. I'm looking for an accomodation in Pontevedra near the campus for 5 months. I prefer single room or roommate women. I'm a simple person, respectful and I love eat, the people, animals, the sea and...

    one year ago
  • I am 26 year boy, looking for accomodation in Pontevedra. I am clean, friendly.

    I am a 26-year boy, looking for accommodation in Pontevedra. I am clean, friendly, and love to cook.  I am an Erasmus trainee at mission biologica (el palacio salcedo 36143). I am looking for a single or shared flat near this place or near the Pontevedra center. I am a...

    2 years ago
  • 22 year old girl, loves the outdoors, looking for a room mate with similar interests to share an apartment in Pontevedra!

    I am travelling to Pontevedra in November to carry out a work placement as my fourth year at university studying Ecology. I am an active woman who loves being outdoors and exploring, I enjoy hiking, climbing, and anything in the water! I am looking to share an...

    2 years ago
  • I'm 23 years old looking for a house near the university of vigo

    Slm, my name is Zilan. I am from Turkey. I am looking for a house close to Vigo university. Anyone who wants to be a roommate can contact. I don't have any choice. I will stay at least 5 months, maybe more. I am an Erasmus student. I have a hard time finding a house, I...

    2 years ago
  • Erasmus Pontevedra 2021/2022

    Hello, I'm Alessandra and I'm from Perugia (Italy).I'm looking for an accomodation (shared flat) in Pontevedra, not far from University of Vigo.I don't have any particular requests, but I'd rather roommate women. Apartments with animals would also be fine. I hope to...

    2 years ago
  • 23 year-old girl looking for shared flat in Pontevedra

    It's Rana from Turkey. I will be in Pontevedra from July to October. I study genetic engineering and will be there for the traineeship in CSIC. I am looking for a shared flat with a private room at a reasonable price nearby to CSIC. English is mandatory for commination...

    2 years ago
  • Looking for accommodation in Pontevedra City

    Hi there :). I am moving from South Africa to Spain to teach English in a school and would really like to find a place to call home. I am a friendly, fun and compassionate individual who is interested in teaching but has also studied graphic design so I am creative and...

    4 years ago
  • Looking for a clean room in el centro

    Hello! I am an English teacher from the United States. I am going to be working in a primary school. I am looking for a great location, with availability starting from October 1. I am looking for a furnished room in an apartment with heating and a washing...

    4 years ago
  • Profesora de inglés busca habitación o piso

    Hi, I'm going to work as a teacher in Pontevedra and I'm looking for accommodation, either on my own or sharing. I love cooking, travelling, squash, tennis... and would be interested in sharing with international people :) I would also be interested in a studio. Looking...

    4 years ago
  • 21 year old girl, looking for accommodation in Pontevedra

    My name is Maria, I am from Greece and I'm 21 years old. I am an exchange student and I don't really know Spanish so I would like to learn and practice my Spanish/English while I'm in Spain. I don't smoke so I would prefer a non smoker, but I don't really mind. I, also,...

    4 years ago
  • 20 year old girl looking for accommodation in Pontevedra

    Hi there,  I am looking for accomodation for 3 people. Preferably in Pontevedra as we will be studying on the UVigo campus there.  We study Fine Art and are from the U.K. I am open to options for just one room accomodation for myself as it is getting last minute...

    4 years ago
  • Girl, 20 years old, looking for housing

    I am looking for an accommodation from May 13 to July 13 in Pontevedra, Spain. I have to carry out an intership during two months in Pontevedra that I have already found so I have to live in the city. I am looking for preferably a shared student house with people who...

    4 years ago
  • 19-20 year old girl , looking for a shared flat in Pontevedra

    Hi my name is Amy Carmody , I am a student from Ireland and I have got a job in Pontevedra from September2018-July 2019 teaching English in a language school. I am looking to rent a room in a flat with other young people so I can make friends and meet new people . I am...

    5 years ago
  • I am Luca, Italian, 26yo looking for single room in Pontevedra

    Hello,I am Luca and I am from Italy. I am looking for a single room in Pontevedra. I will be there from March till May and I will work in the Mision Biologica de Galicia, I will be a trainee there. I don't speak Spanish but I would like to learn it and I hope to find an...

    5 years ago
  • 20 year old girl looking for accommodation in Pontevedra!

    Hi,  I'm Megan, a student from Nottingham Trent University studying Spanish and Teaching English and I'm about to move to Pontevedra for my year abroad working for the British Council in a language assistantship. I consider myself to be bubbly, friendly and open...

    6 years ago
  • 22 year old girl looking for accommodation in Pontevedra

    Hi! I'm a student from Romania and I'll study in Pontevedra fine arts starting with September until January. I'm looking for accommodation/ roommates in this city. We'll be two persons, my boyfriend and I - he studies architecture -  and we are a calm and friendly...

    7 years ago
  • English Speaking Student looking for Apartment in Pontevedra

    I am fluent in english and Chinese and I come from central america. I am studying spanish in Pontevedra and would like a clean apartment. Preferably close to the University. If I am to have roommates, I would prefer them to not be rowdy. I do not go out much.

    7 years ago

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