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Ploiești Art Gallery

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Ploiești Art Gallery: the joy of art

Published by Șchiopu Monica — one month ago

Ploiești Art Gallery: where is the galeria situated?

Today, as I was passing by the city of Ploiești – a place where I used to spend my highschool years, I decided to visit the exhibition organised by one of my friends and collegues and which is currently taking place at „Galeria de Artă”, Ploiești, an art gallery situated right in the city center on the Independence Boulevard.

Ploiești Art Gallery: the joy of art

When you can visit the art gallery?

The visiting hours of the gallery are starting with 10.00 AM and finishing with 18.00 PM from Monday to Friday. On weekend, the institution is open as well but with a shorther schedule from 10.00 AM to 13.00 PM, both on Saturday and on Friday.

The opening of the exhibition took place on 27 of february, but because I couldn’t go there in that particular day, I got the chance to see it today, however, people can experience the exhibition until 11 March 2020.

The temporary exhibition taking place in the gallery: "the joy of art" 

The name of the artist exhibiting is Diana Lemnaru who titled the exhibition „The joy of art”. She is a recent graduate of the University of Arts in Bucharest and, as far as I know, this is her first solo exhibition. Of course, in the past, Diana has participated in numerous group exhibitions.

Ploiești Art Gallery: the joy of art

At first glance I noticed that the exhibition has a very joyful and colorful aspect, but the overall appearance is as well clean and beautiful organised. As I got closer to each work, I started to realize that the exhibited works show different techniques of expression from acrylic, to watercolors, charcoal and mixed media. And than I suddenly remember that Diana used to study graphics for her master degree.

Ploiești Art Gallery: the joy of art

At the same time, the subject matter of the images was diverse too: on one hand, I could see totally abstract paintings in which the color and shape ratio prevail and, on the other hand, I observed how the artist started to slowly introduce figurative elements and substance. There were studies made in watercolor that were capturing small pieces of the real world such as flowers, plants and portraits.

Ploiești Art Gallery: the joy of art

Another very interesting and curious to discover exhibited objects were two sketchbooks on the pages of which the artist allowed the people to enter more into her visual world and see as many researches, concerns and intentions regarding the creation of various images.

Ploiești Art Gallery: the joy of art

What is the artist creating?

When I wondered what’s the meaning of all of these and what the artists wants to express forward to the viewer, I found same answers in the titles of the works – which were very suggestive indeed – and also in a text that Diana has written for her solo show where she says: “Love. Creatures, creation, expression and expansion of the universe, we are here and now… share the colors and the creativity, that’s about it for today”. Thus, I understood that Diana wanted through her exhibition to show the people not necessarily a different version of the world, but an attention directed towards joy and emotion.

Ploiești Art Gallery: the joy of art

Ploiești Art Gallery: the joy of art

Ploiești Art Gallery and the Art Museum are attractions worth seeing in this city 

While I was visiting the exhibition, there were other people looking around it and there was a class of scholars with their teachers, a fact that really made me happy and hopeful that there are still people interested in art in a city which is more industrial than cultural.

Speaking of this, Ploiești is not a very touristy city because it doesn’t have many cultural, historical or natural attractions as it is for example the city of Brașov or Sibiu. However, if people are travelling or passing by this city, I encourage them to visit the Ploiești Art Gallery and also the Museum of Art “Ion Ionescu – Quintus”, both being located near the center, on Independence Boulevard, at a distance of a couple of minutes from each other.

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