• Tambo of Privilege

    A few kilometers from the city of Pereira, on the road that leads to the city of Manizales, passing the bridge known as El Helicoidal, is the Tambo del Privilegio, being a very popular viewpoint for tourists and premises, in which the city of Pereira is widely...

    0 by Patricia, in Cafe, cocktail, beer Pereira, 2 years ago
  • La Pastora

    Tired of the city, traffic jams, routines and technology? Well, I have found a place full of tranquility, peace, colour and fresh air. It is a natural paradise on the outskirts of the city of Pereira, known by tourists as "La Pastora". "La Pastora" is a country house...

    0 by Kate, in What to do Pereira, 2 years ago

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