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My Paris Experience by Lydie.

How is life in Paris, would you recommend it?

Very beautiful city, great for a walk, or stroll even if sometimes the Parisians can be a bit cranky?

How is student life in Paris?

Great atmosphere, a lot of students get togethers and nightlife

What is the cost of living in Paris?

Very expensive..., too expensive!

My Paris Experience by Lydie.


Is it difficult to find a place to live? What advice do you have?

You need solid sources of income like a guarantor, a job, or other sources of income!

How is the food? What do you recommend?

The food is fantastic, I have been here for quite a long time and there is something to say for French gastronomic expertise! There are traditional dishes like la choucroute, or la racelette and tons of other dishes!

Where are the best places to visit in Paris

Even though I have been here quite a long time I am sticking with touristic favorites like; The Eiffel Tour, Les Champs-Élysées, Montmartre, and The Alexander III bridge, .

My Paris Experience by Lydie.


For Dining out in Paris, do you have recommendations, any special places!

Not many special places but in general one can’t go wrong at the petite Brassieres! If I was to recommend one place in particular it be Bagelstein, it’s Super!

What is Night Life like in Paris? Where should one look?

I don’t frequent or have preferences for anyplace particular.

What advice do you have for students preparing to visit and study in Paris?

Keep an open mind especially where aquanintances and friends are concerned, make friends but don’t limit yourself to just Erasmusu students try and mingle with the Native French too.

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