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  • 41 years old boy, looking for accommodation in Padua, Italy

    My name is Mohsen Nikzadask and already my master cours at Padua university is stated. I am looking for a single room for long te plan. My budget for the single room is between 350 - 400 Euro with all inclusive expense. Definitely I will pay more for studio. let me know...

    1 day ago
  • 22 year old boy from Holland looking for accommodation in Padua

    Hey! my name is Roy Dezentjé and I'm an student from the Netherlands. I study International Business at my home university and part of my bachelor experience is to go abroad for one semester. This is why I am happy to be spending this in padua the second semester this...

    21 days ago
  • 21 years old student in 3yeard of medecine looking for and accomodation in padova !

    Hello everyone, My name is Marie, I am a french student and I am coming to Padova for my 3trd year of medecine. Me and a firend of mine are looking for shared flat in Padova.. We will stay the all year there !  Please contact me if your are looking for the same...

    24 days ago
  • Looking for a private room in a shared apartment

    Hi! My name is Louis, I'm a 3rd year medicine student from france. I'm really easy going, social, quiet, I've also had several international experiences so I know how to adapt myself. I'm looking for a private room in a shared flat in the center of padua! Feel free to...

    29 days ago
  • 21 year old Psychology Student from Greece looking for accomodation in Padova. Coming for Erasmus studies at the UniPd first sem

    Hello , I'm Christina and my friends describe me as  an easygoing person. I like to go out and explore the culture of the city I'm in. I love theater , books and art. I'm sociable and open to new adventures. I'm moving to Padova from Greece with the eramsus programm...

    one month ago
  • 23 year old guy from the Netherlands looking for a great time in Padua

    Hello Everyone, I'm Bart Hamelink from the Netherlands and I am looking for a shared house/flat with other students. I'll be in Italy for about 5 months for my Erasmus exchange (Entrepreneurship). I do prefer that some other Italian students live here too because I am...

    one month ago
  • 23 year old boy enrolled in UNIPD, looking for a room in Padua, near to engineering department

    Hi, I am Temirov Azizbek from Uzbekistan. I will arrive Padua around 20th Septermber. I am looking for a room near Department of Engineering (2km). I am sociable, out-going, quite and tidy. My max budget is 320euro all inclusive. If anyone has any option please do not...

    one month ago
  • 27 year old girl, looking for a single room in a shared flat:)

    Hi fellows! I'm Laura a 27 year old german MSc. student. I will study at UNIPD for coming academic year (starting in September).  I'm looking a private bedroom in a shared flat/house. In the germany I've lived in a big shared flat.I like to do sport (boxing, biking...

    one month ago
  • 23 Year Old Master's Student and His Ukulele Looking For a Room

    I'm going to start living in Padova starting from 1 October 2021 for my masters program called "ICT for Internet and Multimedia". I can adapt to any house environment, since I enjoy seeing the way different people live. Besides my studies, I'm a Hip-Hop and contemporary...

    one month ago
  • 25 year old guy Looking for accommodation in Padova /Rovigo

    My name is Amir and iam from Algeria and i ll be studying water and geological risk Engineering in Padova for the next two years  . My friends would describe me as nerdy, goofy, and energetic. I'm a big fan of video games, and I enjoy watching movies. I also like going...

    one month ago
  • Dutchie looking for a room!

    Hello! I am a dutchie coming to Padova in September until end of February for my Erasmus.  I am in my third year of psychology and 21 years old.I am looking for a shared flat with other students and my budget is max €450. I love cooking, drinking and I am going to...

    one month ago
  • 21 year old biotechnology student looking for accomodation in Padova

    Hi! I'm Dani from spain a 21 year old Biotech student. I am looking for accomodation in padova. I consider myself easy to get along with, conscious student and also like to enjoy life and have fun.

    2 months ago
  • Spontaneous communication student ready to move to Padova!

    Hey all! I'm an enthusiastic Belgian communication student, going for the first semester of my Master's degree to Padova. I'm really excited so meet all these new people! But before that, finding accommodation seems to be an issue. :(  I'm looking for a single room....

    2 months ago
  • 20 year old erasmus student looking for shared accomodation in Padua

    Hi! My name is Joanna, I am an erasmus student from Ireland, and will be studying my third year of my psychology degree in Padua. I enjoy going on trips, socialising, outdoor activities and meeting new people! I am looking for shared accomodation with other friendly,...

    2 months ago
  • 28 year old girl who is looking for a shared house in Padua

    Hi Fellows, My name is Irem and I am from Turkey. I will be studying MA and arriving on Oct 1st. I am looking for a single room in a shared apartment in Padova. My budget is around 350 euros. I like a diverse environment so that, I do not have specific preferences....

    2 months ago
  • 21 year old boy from France, looking a shared apartement in Padova

    Hi ! My name is Sacha and I am 21 years old, I come from Saint-Etienne in France, from September to June/July 2022, I will be an erasmus student at the university of padua in the economics department. I am looking for a flat to share with other students (if possible...

    2 months ago
  • The dentist is looking for one room in Padua

    Hello, I am a dentist working remotelly in Padua and I need a place to stay there.  I am looking for a room with a double bed and a private bathroom in Padua.  I like my privacy very much  I need a place just to sleep after work. Perfectly would be area...

    2 months ago
  • -

    Ciao a tuti! My name is christina I'm 25 years old , I come from Volos in Greece and I'm starting my master degree in communications studies  at university of Padua/fall semester 2021.  I am looking for a flat to share with other students (if possible not far from...

    2 months ago
  • 23 year old boy from Germany is looking for a room in a shared apartment in Padua

    Hey guys, my name is Jonas (right guy on my picture), I am 23 years old and I will do my Semester abroad in Padua from October until february. I am very hyped having a nice time with you guys in Padua. The only thing left that I need for my stay is a room (wow),...

    2 months ago
  • 22 year old Masters student looking for shared accommodation in Padua

    Hi everyone! I'm Evelyn from Canada. I'm super excited I'm going to be in Padua this upcoming year for my Masters of Forest Science. I'm looking for a room in a shared apartment with max of 5 people!!  My budget is up to 500€ (including utilities). I'm looking for...

    2 months ago

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