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Accommodation in J. Opletal Halls of Residence (Koleje Hladnov)

University of Ostrava has few faculties in different parts of city. Most of them are located in centre. I studied in Faculty of Sciences (in Silesian Ostrava) and lived in J. Opletal Halls of Residence (Koleje Hladnov). This place is really good in all aspects. I spent here 3 semesters. The rent cost is 2500CZK (100EUR) per month. And there is 3000CZK depozit for room. Living conditions are high. All rooms are tidy, students usually live in 2-bed rooms. In every room is good bad with bedding, wardrobe, desk, fridge, desk lamp, internet and other stuff. Dormitory has 2 kitchens in every floor with micorwave, kettle, private lockers. There is quite old but very nice gym, table tennis room, footlball field, washing machines. And this place is located in one of the best parts of Ostrava. Next to it is supermarket, bus stops (direct bus conections to train station). Faculty of Sciences is located on the other side of the road. 

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