Basic info about Olomouc the student town

I think if you say Czech Republic to a student, he/she immediately thinks about Prague, which is really well known for its amazing culture, history, nightlife, super-cheap beer and a lot of good universities, like Charles university. But I think there is a huge hype about Prague, which I understand, but a lot of people want to discover something similar, but not so known, something interesting, but raw. Then I have a tip for you. It is Olomouc, a student city in the eastern part of Czech Republic.





I would like to first say something short about the whole country. It is a small country in the middle of Europe, really well located, you can reach Vienna, Dresden, Berlin, Bratislava or Krakow really shortly. It is known for its nice nature, mountains on the border, forests and fields in the middle. It´s mostly really cheap, housing is super-cheap compared to almost all western and central Europe countries. People here are mostly mix of german and east cultures, so it´s like a crossroad between East and West, people there are hard working, but on the other side they know how to chill and enjoy life. There is a lot of history and lot of culture. It is also 5th safest country in the world, so that´s really awesome. It is known for beautifull girls and cheap and top-quality beer like Kozel, Pilsner or Svijany.

Also you can find a lot of really good universities and a really good education of almost all types, the best is medicine, humanities and technics.

But lets get back to Olomouc, I think you can find a lot of really good topics about Prague student life, but Olomouc is little bit more underground, but has a really good reputation, some actually prefer it over Prague.

I would like to recommend it to all people, who want to study in Czech Republic, but want to try something else than Prague, something maybe more local, something raw, internationally not so known, but with a really high education and life quality. Olomouc is also a historical town, it is actually the second town by cultural heritage in Czech Republic, so there is really a lot to see.

The major university in Olomouc is Palacký University, which is the second oldest university in Czech Republic, after Charles university. It was founded at 1572. There are eight faculties and almost 20000 students. There are eight faculties, you cand find almost every study-subject there.

When you go there, you can see, that almost everyone 3rd is a student, that makes it to have much bigger student-density than Prague. It's also called the student town officialy. Some say people here are a little bit warmer than in western part of country.

So, on one side you got a town with a really good education level, a lot of culture, full of students and surrounded by beautifull nature, but it's still not so discovered as Prague, even though there are many international students. If you are intrested in hiking, photography or backpacking you can also find a lot of stuff around to explore.

Some example of surrounding nearby :



There are of course awesome parties, it's just Czech Republic, so you dont have to worry not at all. I have studied in Madrid, Canada and UK, and CR is still one of the livable places I know. Alcohol is not only limited to inside places, so you can even grab a beer outside. Beer costs like 1, 20 eu for 0, 5 litre, this Moravian region is also well known for its wine. You can find a nice shared student house for around 200eu. You can even find something just for yourself around 300eu.

This is for example local bar-caffee called Tibet, some people study here, during summer it´s also nice to study outside, a lot of student´s are doing study-picnics in the nature.



This is the S-club, it is known for student parties


Matej Strasmajer

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