Ohrid paradise | Erasmus experience Ohrid
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Ohrid paradise

I was lucky enough to participate in a 3 week-long summer university programme in this amazing town next to the magnificent Ohrid lake because I accidentaly started to study a language which is spoken only by 2 million people.But I've fallen in love with both the language and the place.It was exactly like a short erasmus experience.

It was very hard and complicated to get there, we went by train from Budapest to Skopje, then by bus to Ohrid, but the capital has an airport, just a plain ticket is quite expensive  as it's not a very common destination.and the roads are terrible.

Parties are terrific!!!can compete with parties in Spain.

The weather is gorgeous.The lake is prettier than any sea, transparent up to 27 metres and it has marvellous beaches.But apart from the lake Macedonia has many other beautiful places with romantic landscapes and astonishing undiscovered spots.

Macedonia, in general, is very cheap for an EU member, once you are there.

People are generally friendly, especially when they discover that you speak a few words in there language.Not very educated though, but don't take it as an offence!it's not there fault.those who continue with there studies or speak other languages are quite intelligent, in my view.I'm happy to have Macedonian friends!

But it's the cradle of culture!the poet's night is internationally famous for example.

Anyone who will have the chance or likes travelling, it's a recommendable place to gooooooooo!

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  • Javier López 12 years ago

    Wow! You have been in Macedonia! You really have to upload photos of this place! I really want to see that landscapes! I really liked your experience, very well written. Thank you for such good content! I'm voting your like REALLY useful!

  • Bruno Marta 10 years ago

    I have been there too. And it\'s really beautifull and cheap! Recommend to everybody

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