Experience in Norman, United States by Kinsey

What is it like to live in Norman? Would you recommend it? What is the city like?

I love living in Norman! It is a great place for an all-American college experience; it's small, but not too small, and the town loves to support OU and it's students. Norman is also very close to Oklahoma City and it's an easy drive there.

What is the student lifestyle like in Norman?

If you live on or near campus, it feels like you are always surrounded by students. You will always find people on the South Oval (where most classes are located at OU), in the Union, or at the library (the Biz). It's so much fun to be constantly surrounded by other students, and even though it is kind of a large school, it feels much smaller than it actually is; we're like one big family!

Is it difficult to find accommodation in Norman? Is there any advice you can give?

It is not difficult at all! International students may live in the residence halls on campus, which are easy to apply to through OU. There are also several apartment complexes catered to students' needs within a couple miles of campus like Aspen Heights, The Cottages, Crimson Park, The Ave, and Millenium.

What places would you recommend visiting in Norman?

Campus Corner is a must-go! There are boutiques, restaurants for any occasion, plenty of places to get dessert, and of course, the bar scene. It's right across the street from campus and there is always something to do or see.

Is it good to eat out in Norman? Can you tell us your favourite spots?

Many of my favorite spots are on Campus Corner. Hideaway Pizza (I recommend Da Bomb), Tea Cafe (Asian food), and of course, Fuzzy's (Tex-Mex). For dessert, I love Epic Pops (popsicles), the Baked Bear (ice cream cookie sandwiches), and Hurt's (a 24/7 gourmet donut shop). If you are looking for something to hit the spot after a night out, grab a pizza from the Papa John'a across the street from the residence halls or call Pizza Shuttle for an order of cheesy bread- you won't regret it! The Mont is also a Norman staple and you will see many OU students here for dinner out on the patio, or inside in the "blue room" for 21st birthday parties. Get the queso here- it's amazing!

Is the nightlife good in Norman? Where is good to go?

Absolutely! Fraternity parties are the go-to spot for freshman and sophomore students on the weekend. For those who are 21 or older, head to Campus Corner where there are plenty of bars; Logie's, Seven47 (Sevens), and O'Connell's are the places to be Wednesday through Saturday nights. If you get hungry, Fuzzy's and Diamond Dawgs stay open late on these nights and are a great place to go for food and drinks.

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