How to find activities in Murcia

How to find activities in MurciaMurcia (the cathedral)


I effectuated my Erasmus stay in Murcia in 2009 before returning there this year with a Leonardo scholarship. Throughout my Erasmus, I wasn't very concerned with making many Spanish friends. I spoke with my flatmates to improve my knowledge of the language and this was sufficient for me. However this year, I wanted to integrate a bit more into the Murcian life. I was no longer content with going to Badulake every Tuesday (the Erasmus will see fine well what I'm talking about) so, I put myself to the task of finding activities to do throughout the whole year...

This is an easy thing to do in Belgium but not so much here in Murcia. Here are the details of my research...

Sport: The gyms aren't lacking. However, they are generally quite expensive (thirty euros a month at least). There are plenty of offers in September as well as special student rates. When you go to enquire about prices, don't hesitate to ask to attend a class for free (in general, as well as access to the gym, it's actually possible to sign up to group classes of zumba, spin, abs, pilates, etc. ). I found several gyms where you could access just the classes and not the gym. The one I found costs 70 euros for twenty sessions. Personally, I go running on Paseo de Malecon (a track with the kilometres marked in the ground) and I am less interested in going to a gym.

How to find activities in Murcia


Music: Arts classes are less common... I finally found the university choir I participate in; which has all its information presented on the Internet. There are many people as it's free and well managed. I very much appreciated the first session and I recommend it.

I found some other groups but many were for children or shut off (that is to say that there isn't a lot of publicity or many websites and that everything works from word of mouth). I saw several adverts on the street for piano classes but again, there was nothing official. However personally, I started the guitar: it's easy to carry around, easy to find (there is always at least someone who has one at home or in their attic. Ask around! ) and finding a teacher is just as simple. Search on Google. I personally found a very, very pro teacher who asks for just five euros an hour. A bit of music does you good and for lack of a piano, the guitar saved me the blow. :)

The theatre: Again, you have to go door to door and ask a lot of people to find anything out. I went to the dramatic arts school in person where they sent me back to Murcia's cultural centres (there is a centre of artistic expression in every neighbourhood) but this didn't amount to anything. Again, there was a lot of this type of activity for children but not for adults. Finally, I found a troupe which is in the process of forming and I hope to be able to join it. Otherwise, I would only be able to advise the most keen to create their own troupes themselves whilst searching for a coach (who shouldn't be too difficult to find). The premises on the other hand... that's another matter. I found a class on Avenida de Europa (dance, theatre and funky classes) but it's for beginners. You have to fork out because it costs 30 euros a month (! ) (the same price as the gym) so it's a bit disappointing.

Language classes: They aren't lacking! There are an enormous amount of ads in the streets and it's easy to find a group to pay for group classes. There are also language academies. You learn faster there but it's evidently more expensive.

Arthouse cinema: My flatmate and I have just discovered a cinema where they screen arthouse cinema or less commercial cinema (it makes a change from the American crap at the Zigzag). Whether it's in original language or not remains to be seen... It's situated on Plaza Fontes. Here is the website.

How to find activities in Murcia


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