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Erasmus Experience in Murcia, Spain by Nuria

What's it like to live in Murcia? Do you recommend it? How is it?

Murcia is a unique city, you have everything nearby, and you can go everywhere, there are always people on the streets, the days are sunny and they have a lovely climate, it's a happy, fun city, with lots to offer, for me it's a one-of-a-kind city.

Murcia town hall


What's student life like in Murcia?

There are two campuses in Murcia, the Merced campus which is right in the centre and is older, and pretty, with impressive architecture, and is surrounded by places where you can spend your free time, and there's the other campus which is Espinardo. It's quite a lot bigger as 90 percent of courses are taught there, there's a young, student-y atmosphere, but not in the same way as at Merced campus. I think that the university students in Murcia are very open, fun and sociable.

Merced campus


How was finding accommodation in Murcia? Do you have any advice?

It's easy to find accommodation in Murcia, plus it's very cheap and centrally-located, it is not difficult in summer, you can walk through the streets near the university and you will find many posters, and even in the faculties themselves, you will see many ads. So it is not difficult at all.

How's the country's food? What are your favourite dishes?

In Spain you can eat great food and even better in Murcia, you have many squares which are very atmospheric where you can eat the typical food of Murcia, at a good price, in addition to street food booths throughout the city where you can taste the city's rich gastronomy. My favorite dishes were the rice, and the 'migas' (a rice dish with sausage).

What places do you recommend visiting in Murcia?

Murcia is full of charm, you can't miss visiting the cathedral, the church of San Juan de Dios, The Salzillo museum, the royal casino, Romea theater, the Arab ruins, the monastery of light, the numerous churches of Murcia are great works of late Baroque era.

What about eating out in Murcia? What are your favourite places?

Murcia is a place for the food-buds, you can eat anywhere, near the cathedral there are some bars, Santa Catalina square, plaza de las Flores, the street where you can find las Mulas, and Santo Domingo, I recommend finishing in this area to try the ice cream.

Plaza de las Flores


Santa Catalina Square


What places would you recommend for a night out in Murcia?

In Murcia you can find pubs, all the streets right by the university in the heart of Murcia are full of bars, where you can go with friends to dance, drink and have a good time, then in the area near the building of Centrofama there are some bigger places, and in the Atalayas area, 15 minutes by foot from the university, there are large discos. Usually the pubs don't charge entry, and in the nightclubs the average is 4-10 euros with drinks.

Any advice for students coming to Murcia?

Enjoy your surroundings and immerse yourself in the culture, Murcia equals happiness.

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