Going on a night out in Murcia.

The city of Murcia is popular for being a university city where its historical centre is always full of students. If you're going to study in Murcia, don't forget to go to the "tascas", which you will find located all around the University de la Merced. The tascas are bars with terraces where students go to have a beer or sangria at a very affordable price. There are tascas where for just €1 you can have two small beers, it's ridiculously cheap. This is the perfect place to spend the afternoon after going to classes and pass the time until going out at night and making the most of your time in Murcia.


For nights out, the tascas are the first port of call and after 00:30am, it's the perfect moment to go to pubs such as La Decana, Badulake (especially for Erasmus students), Parabarap, Luminata Bar, Farándula, Flou, etc. and you can find all of these in the same place as the tascas. These pubs offer very cheap drinks, and in some of them you don't have to order anything, and sometimes they give away free drinks, which happens a lot in Badulake. The style of music is Reggaeton, but if you're not a huge fan of this music, you have other options to go to such as Rem, Music in the Plaza de Toros, or Revolver. These pubs close at 4am, so if you want to continue your night out, there is a very good club called Luminata Disco, which is a little bit further away from the places I previously mentioned.


On Thursdays, Atalayas lake is full of people taking part in a botellón (when young Spaniards take to the streets for an illegal, but common, street party), where each person buys their own drinks and they meet to drink them together. Atalayas is quite far from the centre, but it's surrounded by many clubs that close quite late. In my case, it's normal to go out to the tascas, and go back to Atalayas after they close for a more messy night.

Another question I know you're asking is about the price of the drinks. Alcohol in Spain is quite cheap, the price of a bottle of alcohol and cost between €5 and €15 approximately, according to the quality of alcohol. Other options are beer, which is super cheap, and the "tinto verano" (red wine and lemonade), the wine and sangria.

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