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Experience in Montreal, Canada by Monika

Published by flag-ca Monika Nowicki — 4 years ago

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What is it like to live in Montreal? Would you recommend it? What is the city like?


Living in Montreal, to say the least, is special. The city itself has a lot to do while the suburbs there isn't much. That being said, living along anywhere the metro is connected are mostly great places to live. Of course, like every city there are places to avoid but they are quite obvious.

I would recommend living in Montreal for the fact it is a wonderful gateway city with much history, ethnicities, sites and cultural festivities to be found. Yes many people speak French, but majority of the population is able to understand English and even respond in it. The language debate is not something to be so largely concerned about within the city because many people are still able to communicate with ease.

What is the student lifestyle like in Montreal?

There are many students living within Montreal, especially around the campuses. That being said, the downtown area is where many university students choose to mingle and hang out in general. Considering the main universities (Concordia, McGill and UQAM) there are many different programs to choose from, meaning many different people to meet.

How much does it cost to live in Montreal?

The cost of living in Montreal can be quite pricey, especially if you want to live in the downtown center. However, if you are willing to take public transit (metro and/or bus) it is possible to find places at more of a decent price. One thing I recommend is to go to the universities, because majority of them have notice boards mentioning apartment listings as well as searches for roommates and such. There are also dorms, however, those can get pricey depending on location and what they ask you to include (food plan more than likely )

Is it difficult to find accommodation in Montreal? Is there any advice you can give?

Montreal has this whole city movement plan going around, so many new apartments, condominiums and townhouses are being set up. However, they are also trying to encourage families to move into certain locations. Even with this speedbump, it's not so difficult to find housing if you are willing to branch out on the metro line away from the center of the city. My advice is to go to listing boards at the school and to check out real estate agencies.

What is the food like? What are your favourite dishes?


Food in Montreal is amazing. Thanks to the many different cultures living in the city, we get many different types of food. We all have wonderful local restaurants which are delicious. Near Concordia university, when I am in nerd for good food for cheap I either go to an Indian restaurant called Thali, where they have delicious Alu Gobi or to a Korean restaurant called ganadara where their Dak Bal is equally delicious. Places I believe must be tried is a restaurant in the old port called olive and gourmand. The wait can be long, and the ordering works differently than in a normal sit down restaurant but the food is to die for.

What places would you recommend visiting in Montreal?

Places I greatly recommend visiting is Mount Royal and then Saint Joseph's oratory.


The architecture is marvelous and for anyone who is a video game fan, the assassins insignia from game series Assassin's creed (a video game made in ubisoft Montreal) can befound in the stairs leading up to the oratory. There is also the lookout at the top of mount royal which absolutely must be seen, you get a wonderful view of the Montreal skyline. Downtown, the old port is something definitely to be visited with the Notre Dame cathedral and the old docks to walk along.


In the center there us the Chinatown, palais details congres, where certain events are held, and saint Catherine's street to walk along. I am going to be blunt, but the underground city which we have is one giant shopping mall, so if you like shopping, by all means go, but unfortunately, it is nothing more than a mall.

Is it good to eat out in Montreal? Can you tell us your favourite spots?

Eating out in Montreal is great. Besides the locations which I mentioned before there are many good places to eat out in the McGill ghetto. If you like pho, pho Saigon and pho Cali in Chinatown serve great places to eat.

Is the nightlife good in Montreal? Where is good to go?

The nightlife in Montreal can be quite lively, though I was not one for the club scene, there are quite a few clubs in Montreal. There is also Sharx, a bowling /pool bar near Concordia is a fun place to go with friends. There is also Pang Pangs, a karaoke place down a side street of saint Catherine's.

What advice would you give future students headed to Montreal?

Don't let the language issues scare you and don't be afraid to branch out from Montreal center. Chances are, with all the different cultures, there will be many places to discover.

I do warn you though, our winters are merciless. Be prepared for a cold winter, as well as one that jumps all over the place. Also don't be surprised if, in March, one day feels line spring and the next day you are back to below freezing temperatures.

Have fun in Montreal and be open minded. You'll have much more fun that way.

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