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Experience in Montreal, Canada by Bala

Published by flag-ca Bala Arya — 4 years ago

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What is it like to live in Montreal? Would you recommend it? What is the city like?

Visitors love Montreal for Architecture, entertainment, and most important prices which are very affordable. People are very friendly and I highly recommend it.

What is the student lifestyle like in Montreal?

My students who are renting my rooms are very respectful and helpful. The students come from all over the countries and bring different traditions and culture and friendly atmosphere.

How much does it cost to live in Montreal?

The rentals are very reasonable. Students with tight incomes can afford living in the city. The bus and train transportation is very fast and reasonable.

Is it difficult to find accommodation in Montreal? Is there any advice you can give?

It is not very difficult to find accommodation in Montreal at all. I have lived here for 48 years and never had any issues regarding rental accommodation. Rent of course varies a bit depending on the area you live. In some areas you can get very cheap rentals. Of course near Metro or heart of Downtown the rents are a little expensive. You have quite a choice depending on your budget. The further you get from the universities in general the cheaper the rent but also transportation becomes an issue. This is no different than any large city. However you can pick accommodations in a very reasonable area. I can offer you reasonable rates at a convenient location (close to metro and bus routes) as well as nice proximity to Universite De Montreal and H. E. C

What is the food like? What are your favourite dishes?

Montreal is an extremely cosmopolitan city. You will find not only the very finest of French cuisine (a given) but also cuisines from all over the world, Italian, Chinese, Thia, Indian, Middle eastern etc. at very affordable prices. You can of course expect to find the very best of Quebec local foods and recipes (such as Poutine)

What places would you recommend visiting in Montreal?

Montreal is filled with cultural and entertainment attractions. There are numerous museums. There are recreational attractions (seasonal and throughout the year). Some examples are La Ronde, Botanical Gardens, Biodome, Olympic Stadium. There are a great many local bands that perform at clubs and you will find very reasonable ticket prices. There is also the world famous Montreal jazz Festival. There is of course great skiing reasonably close to town in winter.

Is it good to eat out in Montreal? Can you tell us your favourite spots?

Montreal is known for its large variety of foods, from smoke meat, to Indian to Lebanese and Chinese restaurants. Gogobot has recently the best city's to eat and ranked Montreal as the #1 food destination in the whole world in their 2016 Foodie Tribe Rising Star Awards.

1. Montreal, Quebec

Is the nightlife good in Montreal? Where is good to go?

Whether you’re looking for quiet drinks with colleagues, a romantic night of dancing or a hot rager that lasts until morning, Montreal offers a wide range of good times in store once the sun sets. From trendy bars to all night dancing, check out the many downtown spots for some good times!

What advice would you give future students heading to Montreal?

You don't need to be bilingual, but it does help. When considering a place to live, you should consider accessible public transportation nearby. The cost of living is extremely low for a major city. The 5 a 7 cocktail hour and nightlife is a way of life here. Montreal is a student city, so you can pretty much study anywhere. Lastly, it is easy to make friends here!

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Comments (4 comments)

  • flag-in Lavya Bakshi 6 years ago

    Hye Bala.Can you offer your best value studio apartment below $500/ furnished from 15th August,2018 for 1 year lease near HEC campus?I am new student from India.Thanks.

  • flag-ca Bala Arya 6 years ago

    I offer rooms like flat share ,private rooms but shared kitchen and bathroom If you want room with private bathroom I will charge you 550.00 My rooms are 5 minutes walk from Metro Snowdon. Everything is Included in the rent even washer and Dryer.
    Thank you

  • flag-in Lavya Bakshi 6 years ago

    No i want independant apartment not room where my family can also stay together.
    1 BRM needed within my budget.
    Have few options from padmapper as well.
    Are you Indian?

  • flag-ca Bala Arya 6 years ago

    Yes I am but do no have what you are looking for I have 41/2 for 1010.00 dollars and it is semi basement ,sorry.
    Good Luck

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