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My Experience in Milan, Italy by Martina

What is Milan like? What's it like to live there? Would you recommend it?


What's the student vibe like in Milan?

Very good!

What are living costs like in Milan?

Rent is rather expensive, you won't be able to find accommodation for less than 350 euros a month, and evenings out and leisure activities are also pretty expensive too.


Was it hard to find accommodation in Milan?

Not too difficult, but files don't exist in Italy!

What's Italy's food like? What are your favourite dishes?

Avoid all you can eat sushi bars. Do your food shopping at the Esselunga supermarket, you can find everything you need there if you look hard enough! The pizza, focaccia and cappuchinos are great. You should get ice cream at Cioccolati Italiani, panzerotti at Luini and you should try the Milanese aperitifs.

And what places do you recommend going to see?

Go to the Sempione and Feltrinelli parks when it's not too cold. If you want to go shopping take a walk down Via Meravigli, Magenta, Borromeo and Brera-Lanza for boutiques. In the Sarpi area (Milan's Chinatown) you can find anything you want for a good price.

And to eat in Milan? What are your favourite places?

You can find burger bars all over the city, in particular Ham Holy Burger, Palermo Street, 202 Hamburgers & Delicious, Colone di San Lorenzo and Tizzy's and Naviglio Grande. 'Piccola Ischia' is great for a real Neapolitan pizza. Milanese cuisine isn't very rich; 'risotto' and 'ossobuco' are the most traditional dishes. I recommend 'Il Brutto Anatroccolo' on Via Evangelista Torricelli, near Via San Gottardo. For a special evening, go to 'Petit Bistro'.


Where do you recommend to go out in Milan?

The chic Moscova quarter is where you'll find the bar Radetzky and 'The Club' nightclub. Go to Colonne di San Lorenzo and Navigli to drink a beer in peace.

Any advice for future students going to Milan?

With the train companies Frecciarossa Trenitalia and Italo Treni you can travel all over Italy to places like Rome, Florence, Turin, Bologna, Venice and Naples. You can also travel to anywhere in Europe from Rome by plane.

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