• 26 year old guy looking for a place to stay during his exchange

    Looking for an apartment or studio, doesn't really matter as long as there's a private place for me to stay at. Hopefully with other students living in the same building, doing a traineeship, so I can't really spend anytime outside my workplace during weekdays. I'm a...

    1 day ago
  • I am 21 and I will arrive in Maastrciht in January. I will study european law during the second semester.

    I am looking for a flat share or a studio. I am very nice, quiet and I like to drink a beer sometimes. I do not care if my flatmates are male or female gender.  I would like to have lunch and dinner with my flatmates, work (not always) and discover the country. It...

    25 days ago
  • Phd researcher

    I am an international tax lawyer based in Rome and I am currenctly phd researcher at the faculty of law. I am looking for a nice apartment to share with other persons, possibly one, located close to the faculty or in general in the central area. I come to Maastricht on...

    3 months ago
  • Physiotherapy exchange student looking for accommodation

    I am 23 years old and I am physiotherapy exchange student looking for accommodation in the center of Maastricht. I am a responsible, open-minded, and funny person.  I am looking for a comfortable private room with own WC (shower + toilet). I would not mind sharing it...

    one month ago
  • Searching roommate Maastricht 2017-2018 ~

    Hey I'm Laura, from Belgium (French part), almost 18 (soon) and I am going to take a bachelor degree in European studies in Maastricht. Actually searching for people to live with on a student apartment/studio/house. I am quite sociable, open-minded, trusting and funny...

    one year ago
  • 18 year old girl, sociable looking for a place to stay during the month of September

    Hi, my name is Paola; I am 18 years old and I am a student at the university of Maastricht in th eInternational Program. I am sociable, and very easy to live with. I am looking for a place to stay ( no particular kind of accomodation ) for the month of september. Feel...

    3 months ago
  • I am searching for a double room, we are a couple.

    Empathic listeners and persuasive speakers,we are a  honest couple Assertive Attentive Direct Broad-Minded Committed Conscientious Dynamic Customer-Oriented Persistent Mature Methodical Motivated Objective Tenacious Sociable Friendly Realistic Reliable Resourceful...

    3 months ago
  • Looking for accommodation in Maastricht

    Hi, I´m 18 years old girl who like everything what surround her :) I´m into old films, vegan food, yoga and theater. I like happy people, with postive attitude to the world, with whom I can talk, laugh, listen music. I don´t have much requirements. I´m looking for a...

    3 months ago
  • 19 year old law student looking for accommodation in Maastricht from January-June 2019

    I am a 19 year old law student from the University of Glasgow in Scotland in my third year. I will be coming to the University of Maastricht from January-June 2019 to complete a semester as part of the Erasmus programme.  I am looking for a private room, preferably...

    4 months ago
  • 21 year old girl looking for accomodation in Maastricht.

    Hey there, I am a 21 year old girl who studies law. I will start my Master studies at Maastricht University starting from September, therefore i am looking for accomodation during my one year of stay.  I prefer that the place would be nearby faculty of law and I have...

    4 months ago
  • Master student searching for room in Maastricht

    I'm a 25 years old master student, starting a programme in Cognitive neuroscience at Maastricht University this September. I'm a pharmacy graduate, been sharing flats with others for the past 6 years - I've got good reviews. I'm looking for a room in a shared...

    4 months ago
  • 23 year old girls coming from France to do a double degree in Maastricht. Looking for a flat to share.

    I am looking for a flat to share with people from my age, doing an exchange program as well or working in Maastricht. I am easygoing and clean. Just want a flat to live where I can spend quality time with mt flatmates by hanging out or relaxing at home and...

    4 months ago
  • Apartment or room for artist 1.August 2018

    I am an artist looking for an apartment or 1 room to live and work in Maastricht. Price would be from 400-500€ from August 1st 2018 (also possible in the Maastricht area) Apartment or 1 room or shared room rent date August 2018 for 1 person Price 400-500€

    4 months ago
  • 24 year old erasmus+ boy looking for roomate or accomodation in maastricht

    Hello everyone!my name is panos. i am a 24 year old medical student from greece, coming to maastricht for the erasus+ programm in university medical center for the duration of two months, october and november.So, i am looking for accomodation. If you are looking for a...

    4 months ago
  • apartment or studio

    Im a student and im looking for a studio or an apartment. im very

    4 months ago
  • Two 19 years old students looking for accommodation in Maastricht

    We are two young male first year students from Poland looking for two furnished rooms or studio for two with utilities at Maastrichts from August 15 or September 1, 2018 until end of June 2019. It would be great to find something close to Faculty of Economics or its...

    4 months ago
  • 18 year old student at SBE looking for a room/studio

    Hi, I am going to study at SBE, and I am looking for an accomodation with people who are serious about studies, but who also enjoy sports and other fun activities. I am 18 years old, and male. I am from India, and will be in Maastricht for 3 years. I enjoy playing the...

    4 months ago
  • Seeking accommodation for fall term

    Hello, My name is Kevin and I'm a senior mechanical engineering student from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. I'll be working as an intern in Maastricht starting this fall and am currently seeking a place to rent for 3 or 4 months (dates are still somewhat...

    4 months ago
  • im 18 and im looking for a nice room/apartment in maastricht

    Hello there , I am Ayush from India and i will be coming to maastricht for my bachelors degree in DKE( data science and knowledge engineering) in the month of august , 2018. i am 18 and i am looking for a apartment/room for a long stay. if anyone is interested in...

    4 months ago
  • 23 years old boy looking for a room in Maastricht. I am an exchange student from Russia.

    My name is Konstantin, 23 years old. I am an exchange student from Graduate School of Management, Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Currently studying International business and marketing in my home university. I speak English and learn Spanish. Working as a consultant in...

    4 months ago

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