• 19 year old boy looking for accommodation in Maastricht

    Hi, my name is Ryan and am 19 years old. I will be studying Econometrics at Maastricht University, I speak English, German, Luxembourgish, French, Italian and am learning Dutch. Looking for a room to rent close to the centre and university from September.  I like to...

    17 hours ago
  • 20 year old student from Spain looking for accommodation in Maastricht for the Fall Semester

    I'm an Erasmus student from University Carlos III at my 4th year in Political Science. I've lived the past 3 years on a shared apartment so I know what it means. I've learnt to be organized and to share the responsibilities of the flat. I'm quite a social person and I...

    23 hours ago
  • 18 year old girl

    Hello everyone! My name is ishika and I’m 18 years old. I live in India. I’m very excited to study EBE in September. I love traveling, playing badminton, dancing, meeting new people and going out wid frnds and have fun. Furthermore I can’t wait...

    5 days ago
  • 22 year old girl looking for accommodation near train station

    Hi, I'm Eva. I'm Chemist and I'll do my internship in Sittard from September to December. I need a place to live close to the train station in Maastricht. I've been living with flatmates for 4 years, the last one like an Erasmus in Krakow. I'm a very open-minded person...

    7 days ago
  • Me and my friend are gonna start university at maastricht university and we are looking for an apartment to share .

    Dear owners,My name is Anna, and I am starting my undergraduate studies in Maastricht from late August/September of this year. My friend and I are looking to rent a place and are really interested in this house. I was wondering whether it is available to students and...

    12 days ago
  • 18" years old girl

    I'm looking for  an apartment 2 bedroom and one bathroom kitchen and dining room.  I'm interested to rent it for the next three years  I'm with a friend girl too.  Possible in the center of the town and already with the forniture, beds kitchen washing machine 

    13 days ago
  • 19 year old french girl, looking for accomodation in Maastricht (and other students)

    Hi everyone ! I'm a French student and I'm going to the University of Maastricht for this whole year, from August 2019 until July 2020. I'll be studying at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Since I'm easy to get along with and love meeting new people, I'm looking...

    14 days ago
  • Looking for flat-mates or a room in a flat

    Hi everyone! In September I'm moving to Maastricht to study a master and I'm looking for a flat. I'm Spanish, so I'd rather be living with foreign people as well 

    14 days ago
  • 23 years old girl (ambre de coninck) looking for a flatmate in Maastricht

    Hello,  I'm looking for a flatmate to live with. I'm going to study at the faculty of Law of Maastricht University and i would like to live near by. If u're interested by sharing a flat together, u could always send me a message. I like to going out (but not everyday...

    15 days ago
  • 22 year old masters student looking for a home around University of Maastricht

    I am a 22 years old woman and I will start health and social psychology masters program at University of Maastricht in September. I am looking for a place where I will be in peace and safe. The only thing that I do not prefer is to live in a crowd environment. I am open...

    16 days ago
  • 17 year old boy, looking for host family in Maastricht

    Hello, my name is Sebastien Estocq and I will be studying at Maastricht University International Business at the end of August. I would like to know if you can help me to find a host family that can accommodate me because I prefer to live in a family. I am serious and I...

    20 days ago
  • 19 year old male student, looking for accommodation in Maastricht 27/08/2019-22/12/2019

    19 year old Scottish male student moving to Maastricht 27th August to 22nd December, to attend University of Maastricht. Looking for a single room to stay in for duration of my stay. Not too fussed about flatmates, however anyone around my age would be ideal. I am quite...

    20 days ago
  • 18 years old girl, looking for accomodation in Maastricht in Faculty area

    My name is Maud, I'm from Belgium, I'll be studying at Maastricht University for my first year (2019-2020). I'm looking for a room or a studio to share, I have 3 siblings so I'm used to live with people. I went to Canada for a year and I love travelling. I'm not really...

    21 days ago
  • Apartment for two people

    We are two boys of 25 and 37 years old, we are looking for an apartment with two rooms, we are music students, we are Spanish and we need, as I mentioned before, an apartment with two rooms, in the vicinity of the Maastricht Conservatory, it is possible to be economical...

    25 days ago
  • 18 years boy, looking for a new accommodation in Maastricht for the following academic year

    I'm a student at businness and economics at Maastricht University. I come from Italy and from September on a friend from my hometown is coming. He is going to work as a cook.  We are looking for an apartment, suitable for two with two bedrooms. A central location is...

    28 days ago
  • Canadian Master's student searching for a room in Maastricht

    Hi, I'm Katya! I am a very respectful and courteous Canadian student looking for a room to rent in Maastricht, as I will be attending Maastricht University to do my Master's in the fall. I am quiet, but I also enjoy being social. I do not participate in musical practise...

    one month ago
  • 20 year old boy looking for accommodation in maastricht

    I am a student in compuer science, Maastricht University who's looking for a studio or an appartment where I can have a private bathroom. I am starting my first year in August, 2019. I am a single male. I prefer to have accommodation close to the university. I am Irish....

    one month ago
  • 20 year old Italian girl looking for accomodation in Lisbon

    Hello, I'm a 20 year old girl looking for accomodation in Lisbon. I'm Italian but I'm doing a bachelor in European law in Maastricht, The Netherlands. As I'm currently living with 6 people I'm used to sharing a flat and to keep everything tidy. I'm really friendly and...

    one month ago
  • 20 year old girl looking for accommodation in Maastricht

    I'm going to Zuyd University next semester . I have never been to Netherlands so I'm looking for someone to explore with me.                                                                                                 ...

    one month ago
  • 3 students looking for a apartment with at least 2 bedrooms in the Centre of Maastricht

    We are 3 business undergraduates studying in Singapore at Nanyang Business School. Me and other friends are going to Maastricht University for our exchange program in Jan 2020 to June 2020 (6 months). Hence, we hope to get the lowest price for the apartment since we are...

    one month ago

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