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Erasmus Experience en Lugo, Spain by Carolina

How is the city of Lugo? Would you recommend it to live? How is it like?

It is a very calm and silent city. I recommend it if you get stressed and overwhelmed in very big cities and with too many people, too much noise and movement. Lugo is all the contrary.

How is the student life in Lugo?

It seems that the number of students has increased lately, and you can see more students around the city.

How much does it cost to live in Lugo?

The rent is quite cheap usually, and the flats are quite well regarding the price quality.

Was it difficult for you to find accommodation in Lugo? Can you give us any advice?

My experience was a little curious, because it our current tenant was the one that asked us in the street if we were looking for a flat where to live. But in general, it is not difficult, and you can find it easily in internet, people publish a lot of posts in Facebook asking for flatmates.

How is the food in Lugo? What are your favourite dishes?

The food is pretty good. The most remarkable of it is the "pinchos" and "tapas" that they give you in the coffee shops with each drink; you can go out to drink some beers and you can come back home as if you had dinner.


Which places do you recommend to visit in Lugo?

The Roman Wall, the river area and the park Rio Rato.

Any places that you can recommend eat in Lugo? Can you name your favourite places?

Fonte do Rei, Bocalino, Canela

And also, in Oh mi Habana they have beers of all types and flavours, ¡and also very good milkshakes!

Which places do you recommend to go out in Lugo?

All the city centre, around the Cathedral. There are some discos, pubs...

In "El litros" you have shots for one euro.

Is there any advice that you want to give to students in Lugo?

It is important to be patient, and as well that the climate is difficult to adapt to.

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