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The imposing city Lugano

  I went on a student exchange program as an Erasmus student in Milano. I started modest traveling, sometimes with colleagues from university and most of the time with my boyfriend. 

   Lugano was one of the cities that I was raring to go. I saw a lot of articles about town, and I followed some tips. We went by bus from Lampugnano metro station, it took us about 2 hours to get there, and then we started to look for the Funicolare Station of Monte Bre. Switzerland is fantastic; the streets are decorated with scented flowers and a calming atmosphere. We went in March, so it was all in blossom. To reach the top of the mountain, you can choose between walking on foot or ride on Funicolare. Anyway, either you choose the first option or the second you won't regret it. 

   To come back, you should pay attention to don't miss the bus. When we visited we were near to lose, it was the last one.

  The top of the Monte Bre gives you a view of the Lugano Lake and also of the Monte Rosa and the Bernese Alps. Images that immortalize the sightseeing are insignificant in comparison with the real moment. The second day we visited right to Lugano Lake the beautiful park of Civico Ciani. The grace of the swan melted our hearts, and they were posing as models for us. I've also memorized the flavor of ice-cream there. 

   In the park, we watched a race walking competition.

  From the front of San Lorenzo Cathedral is a beautiful view of the terracotta roofs of the Lugano. On that day it was foggy, and in the morning we could admire the silence of the town.

  I recommend you to visit this city and to admire the swiss slice of paradise.

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