6 moths later...

Finally has arrived. And it was great. More than I could imagine. Awesome.

It started last thursday in Valencia. Vita (from Czeck Republic) and Rivaldi (from Indonesia, actually from Lugano... still studying there) came first. It was really strange to see them coming up from the metro station. I was waiting them outside. Hugs. We went first to my flat and there it goes:;typical spanish bar;. A crazy way to drink beers, jamón, good cheese, some olives and bread. For them was pretty curious. Then, botellón and then some clubbing! Nice first day.

Hangover. Yes, everybody.

Well, on Friday we went to the Valencia's main train station and we waited for Toni, Eva an Maite (Vilaseca, Vilanova and Zaragoza... all in Spain). We were six! Then, the tourism started around different places in Valencia, covering the City of Science and Arts and the Historical centre. Even that, we were waiting like crazy for the party. It started with a smalltapeo and then, an smelled kebab. Again, botellón was ready and we went out.

Satuday: final destination... Ontinyent! We had to bring 2 rented cars from the airport to our flat and pick up the others. Let's go to Ontinyent. Before the highway, we met with Vero and Teresa (Castellón and Torrent, Spain) and we arrived so late for lunch. Then, bull run. Party. Botellón. People. Smoke. All the crazy things I did tonight...

6:00 am. Wake up. Next stop: Airport. I think that it was the worst driving time ever in my life. Not about the drunk thing, if was about the lack of attention. We were so sleepy... 60 minuts later, Rivaldi left Valencia. Count down. We returned the cars and we took the metro to our next stop: my flat. Valencia that day was so cloudy, cold. We were almost dead. Tired doesn't mean that feeling. Showers, lunch, siesta, skype with Becky... even Rivaldi from Lugano yet...

Hot chocolate, and 1 less. Toni left us. He is a fucking worker! :)

Monday, 10ºC more than yesterday. It means just one clear thing: the beach. Malvarosa and Valencia's Port. Taxi. Pizza. Kebab. It's getting over. We said bye to Maite.

Three now. Constitution day in Spain. Holiday. Question Contest on the street. Free t-shirts, tower visit (Serranos) and again, one less among us. Bye to Eva.

Vita and me. WTF. Let's go again to Ontinyent and kill the time. Tourism around the inland Valencia and some old buildings. Beers. Beers. Friends.

Now, it's over. But the count down starts again, for next Erasmus meetings.

Comments (3 comments)

  • Rosa 10 years ago

    wow! looks that you enjoyed the meeting! it's always good to show our Erasmus friends the Spanish culture, they always love it!

  • Roberto Perez 10 years ago

    Really nice experience! As you said, the count down for next Erasmus meetings starts again and again. Don't stop!

  • Jesús Martí Alcázar 10 years ago

    Thanks for your comments!

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