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Erasmus experience in Lublin, Poland by Martin

Why did you choose to go to Lublin, Poland?

To discover Polish culture

How long is your stay? How much help do you get (from the state, or others)?

First semester with 560 € (80% of the erasmus state scholarship, the rest of it i'll get in June)

How is student life and atmosphere in Lublin?


Would you recommend the city and University of Lublin to other students?

Of course!

How is the food in this country?

It depends, you have to find good places

Was it hard finding accommodation in Lublin?

A little, but a Polish friend helped me

What is the cost of life in Lublin?

I live with 250 € per month, plus 100 € for rent

How was learning the language? Have you been to language courses organized by the university?

I don't speak Polish, just English

What is the cheapest way to get to Lublin from your city?

Plane to Warsaw, then train to Lublin

What places would you recommend to party in Lublin?

Shine, U szewca, Klub 68, Wesoly Romek (open 24/24), Dom Kultury, Dom studenki

And to eat in Lublin? Where do you prefer to go?

Restaurant Insomnia, McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut

What cultural visits would you recommend?

Mejdanek, Cathedral, Old Town

Advice for future students in Lublin?

Enjoy, Erasmus is once in your life. Don't hesitate to meet Polish people, if you need help

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