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Discovering London or how it all began...

Published by Nina Novakovic — 5 years ago

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6 friends with wanderlust. First big trip. London.

After weeks of planning we bought tickets, reserved a hostel and went there.

If you are wondering which is the best way to go to London, it is by low-cost airplane. London has 3 low-cost airports and those are: Stansted, Gatwick and Luton. Stansted got a world´s best low-cost airport award in 2012. You can get there with the companies like easyjet or ryanair and you can get really cheap ticket. Once you are there, you can take easyBus to the center of London. When it comes to the public transportation, depends on the how long is your stay, you can take a week ticket or a three day ticket with which you can use famous red buses or the Metro. For the accomodation I would recommend hostels. You can get 6-bed room for 22 pounds a night per person. Check Generator or Astor hostels which are located near the center.

Random and fun things to do in London:

  • Visit Buckingham palace and see the guards.
  • Take pictures with the guards and policeman on the horses.
  • Visit and use the London eye (you can get ticket for 20 pounds).
  • Drink a local beer in a local pub.
  • See the Tower bridge.
  • Visit the church where Prince William got married.
  • Go to the Harrods and pretend you want to buy something you could not ever afford.
  • Visit Bob Marley´s house and smoke a cigarette there.
  • Go the main Trafalgar Square and visit the National Gallery.
  • Visit Natural History musem and drink coffee from Starbucks in front of it.
  • Visit the Camden Town and try one of the cuisine of the world, buy something on the market.
  • Visit Royal Albert Hall and sing in front of it.
  • When you cannot walk anymore, take the red double-decker bus and go wherever it takes you.
  • Visit Madam Tussauds musem and grab Christina Aguilera ass, kiss Robert Pattinson, make fun of Justin Bieber, sit on the desk of Barack Obama, play the guitar with Jimi Hendrix.
  • See a 4D movie.
  • Visit Notting Hill and buy something retro/vintage.
  • At the sunset, take a walk next to Thames river, drink a wine, if you have the money, take the boat.
  • Shop on the Oxford street.
  • Relax in every park you find, they are all beautiful.
  • Take a lot of pictures and enjoy every second of it.

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