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London is amazing


The city: London is the most politically, economically and demographically important city in the United Kingdom. It is full of charming places to visit and has an impressive cultural background, it has several parks and gardens, plus hundreds of museums for all tastes and a totally active social life, you never stay bored at home, there is always something new to do and to know.

Where I live: I have a room with a lovely English family here in London. Harry Williams is a graphic designer and his wife Amalia is a surgeon. They have one daughter, Leonor. She loves playing rugby. They live in an amazing neighborhood, they have a car and so it's easy for me to get to university.

What I do here: I really like my study at the University of London It is very interesting and the professors are very friendly and helpful. After finishing classes I visit the British Museum, they have amazing objects to appreciate and sometimes I visit Stamford Bridge, it's amazing.

Who I know: I have many new friends here in London. My best friend is Oliver. He is 24 years old, he is from Sydney (Australia), he lives near the house where I am staying with the Williams family, we love going to play soccer. After that, we usually go to an Italian restaurant for pizza. We would like to see a Cricket championship but it is difficult to get tickets.

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