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  • Pozytyvka

    If you like warm places with somehow a unique and antique decor inside, and most importantly if you are looking for a delicious meal costing a friendly amount of money, I would suggest visiting Pozytyvka which is located at Piotrkowska 72. The restaurant remains open...

    0 by Saba, 5 years ago
  • Restauracja Grecka Kamari

    Do you wanna try Greek food?! So you should go to Kamari restaurant, there you will find traditional Greek food and also drinks. There you can enjoy a good time in a beautiful place, well decorated and very peaceful and friendly! Go there and give your own opinion! I'm...

    0 by Ilda, 8 years ago
  • Bar Złoty Smok

    This Chinese restaurant is a very good and quite cheap place! You can find here all kinds of Chinese food and I am sure that you'll like it! Source When I went there I ate fried rice with beef and it was really good (you can see it on the picture below). I definitely...

    0 by Ilda, 8 years ago
  • Hell's Kitchen

    I have to admit food is really good, u can meet lot of a new people, play poker like profesional for example. But I dont understand owners. It's like the pub is their hobby, because I saw it closed a lot of time and students just wondering why is it closed. PS: People...

    0 by Adrien, 8 years ago
  • Bierhalle

    Bierhalle is a place in manufaktura where you can eat and drink a big beer! You will see a beautiful and tastefully decorated restaurant and the employees are dressed with a special silhouette! There you can also find a good espresso! And I can ensure you that it's...

    0 by Ilda, 8 years ago

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