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  • Pozytyvka

    If you like warm places with somehow a unique and antique decor inside, and most importantly if you are looking for a delicious meal costing a friendly amount of money, I would suggest visiting Pozytyvka which is located at Piotrkowska 72. The restaurant remains open...

    0 , in Where to eat Lodz, 6 years ago
  • Manufactura

    Doing your first step in to Manufaktura will makes you feel a big difference between the outside and the inside makes you focusing on each details in the buildings with such a huge Admiration. That successful choice of building's color the Perfection of building's...

    0 , in What to see Lodz, 6 years ago
  • Drukarnia

    This cute cafe is a sign of the ever-growing hipster culture in this once great city. Łódź was originally regarded as the city of four cultures (Russian, German, Polish and Jewish) but since the dawn of communism it fell into a process of decline. Drukarnia is an...

    0 , in Cafe, cocktail, beer Lodz, 8 years ago
  • Restauracja Grecka Kamari

    Do you wanna try Greek food?! So you should go to Kamari restaurant, there you will find traditional Greek food and also drinks. There you can enjoy a good time in a beautiful place, well decorated and very peaceful and friendly! Go there and give your own opinion! I'm...

    0 , in Where to eat Lodz, 9 years ago
  • Bar Złoty Smok

    This Chinese restaurant is a very good and quite cheap place! You can find here all kinds of Chinese food and I am sure that you'll like it! Source When I went there I ate fried rice with beef and it was really good (you can see it on the picture below). I definitely...

    0 , in Where to eat Lodz, 9 years ago
  • Hell's Kitchen

    I have to admit food is really good, u can meet lot of a new people, play poker like profesional for example. But I dont understand owners. It's like the pub is their hobby, because I saw it closed a lot of time and students just wondering why is it closed. PS: People...

    0 , in Where to eat Lodz, 9 years ago
  • Bierhalle

    Bierhalle is a place in manufaktura where you can eat and drink a big beer! You will see a beautiful and tastefully decorated restaurant and the employees are dressed with a special silhouette! There you can also find a good espresso! And I can ensure you that it's...

    0 , in Where to eat Lodz, 9 years ago
  • Lordi's Club & FooFoo Bar

    Lordi's Club & FooFoo Bar is a club where you can have fun and dance all night long! It's the best sound club ever! They have a lot of theme parties on Wednesdays for Erasmus people, and there is a free entrance (plus if you enter before midnight they offer you a...

    0 , in Erasmus party Lodz, 9 years ago

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