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Erasmus Experience in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Why did you choose to go to Liverpool, UK?

For the football team and because I had already visited once before.

How long were you there for? How much financial aid did you recieve?

2 years. 3000 euros per year.

Erasmus Experience in Liverpool, United Kingdom.


What is the student life like in Liverpool?

It's great, it is a student city. Student discounts, parties every day, the library is open non-stop everyday (it never shuts).

Would you recommend the city and univeristy to other students?

Yes, especially if you are going alone. It doesn't take long to make friends.

What is the food like in this country?

It's edible.

How was your accommodation?

Very good.

Erasmus Experience in Liverpool, United Kingdom.


How much is rent? And the general costs?

Rather affordable.

Is it easy to understand the language? Did you take a language course run by the university?


What is the most affordable way to travel from your hometown to Liverpool?

Easyjet. 35 euros if you book early.

Where would you recommend to go out in Liverpool?

Zoo bar, Camel Clyb, Lloyds bar. They can all be found at Concert Square.

Where were your favourite places to eat in Liverpool?


Which cultural spots are worth a visit?

The Cathedral.

Any advice for students visiting Liverpool in the future?

Work is the best way to learn a language.

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