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Start Lisbon 2012

As a dutch modern ballet dancer i travelled all over the world. my life verry disciplined but "sex, drugs&rock&roll where part of it. when my professional career ended in 2012 I dicided to make a long travel to think what to do next. I went to Brasil.... no plans just travel.... 3 months. After i could have gone back to Amsterdam or to Valencia in Spain but since 1992 ( my first time in Lisbon) i fell in love with this city and it's people, food& culture and had promissed myself when i would feel adult to live there...So now was the time. I flew to Lisbon and gave myself 3 months to see if i could really live here.... and i could. I started at a call centre to get my NIF, NIB, social number and a house ( in those days i could still rent my own 1 bedroom apartment with terrace in frequesia Olaias for 350 euro incl. quit my callcentre job and made my massage/training/tarot studio working from home. Since i love jamming my body on good underground no nonsense venues and meeting nice people i went to and still do -Even  though i am living in Sintra since 2015 on my own land creating my art- ecological paradise- like: Former MOB, EKA, Crew Hassan, Bus paragem , Disgraca, RDA, Zona Franca, walking in the nights on the streets of for excample Alfama. And still new alternative venues are opening like the secret garden and more 

I found my second live in Portugal. Not easy due to the economic here and accomodation prices right now, language barriere but about that i will tell you in my next blog 

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