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One beautiful day in Lisbon

Published by nahom worku — 10 days ago

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Hello dear readers, this time around I feel like sharing a very particular article totally dedicated to Lisbon. Last summer I had the chance to visit the city of Lisbon and other Portugal cities as well. It was one of the best weeks I have ever spent during my summer break. During that week there were record temperatures in Portugal, during daytime it was as hot as 42 degrees centigrade. This of course did not keep me and my friends from taking long walks and taking pictures from the panoramic views of the city of Lisbon. I think in between the hot weather, the hotness , the beauty of the city and it's atmosphere there was really a chance to feel the charm of the city and to take in all of the beauty that was surrounding us. So if you want to discover more on what are my advices on things to do in Lisbonin one day keep on reading this article and you will find out many different activities, things you must visit, places where you can have amazing food with fair price and much more. Let the adventure to the city of Lisbon begin...


Walking around in Lisbon

If you have the chance to spend some days in Lisbon I particularly advise you to bring with you comfortable walking shoes because there is a lot to see while just walking around in the city centre. Since this city becomes the Mecca of tourism in the Summer seasonyou should also expect a lot of crowd at any public space. So this means that you have to have a good dose of patience when you are working around because it might get crowded than usual. But I can assure you that it is worth the waiting because the city centre of Lisbon holds very nice venues and streets walking is very much enjoyable.


Historical monuments

I suggest you come from the seaside and make your way into the city centres main road by first observing the beauty of this beautiful Squarewhere you can see statue and a beautiful fountain.


This gate is one of the many entrances to the main road to the city centre and I must say it is very beautiful and deserves to be seen and why not also snap a picture or two just for the sake of having a memory.


Customized tuna can shop 

Once you start walking on the main road of the city centre you will find a very strange but yet intriguing shop. This place has tuna cans but with a very fun twist. On each tuna can there is the the Year written in bold characters starting from the 1902 to the year of 2018. So you can have fun looking for you tuna can by looking for the you were born In. Just like any other good millennial me and my friends starting running around the shaft looking for our tuna can and we all lined up and the four of us just were born in different years starting from 1992 up until 1995 which was a fun thing and we took a selfie together in memory of this moment in time. This shop makes it possible to buy  the tuna can you want with the year of the words written on it. I personally think it's a very good way of promoting tuna cans but there really isn't much to it.


Lunch time 

Like anybody else when walking around you might feel tired and dizzy making the urge to have a nice meal even stronger. So at this point when spending a day in Lisbon and in search for fun affordable nice lunch, I suggest you go to this Timeout Market of Lisbon. This is a concept of providing food for the customer that is getting more and more popular around Europe. I have had the chance to also visit a very similar and then you wear the serve food in different stores in the city of Warsaw. I'm talking about a big warehouse where different restaurants provide their own food. Prices usually are reasonable and they're one of the biggest advantages of going to this kind of places is that you have a lot of choices while being at one place. I remember in the venue can we have lunch Lisbon there was typical Portuguese Cuisine but there was also Indian food coma Greek food and also Italian cuisine and other types of cuisine as well. Since Portugal is known for cod fish my my lunch consisted of cod fish with potatoes and salad on the side. it was very tasty and for the whole thing I had to pay €10 which I must say that for the taste and the quality of the food than I was heating how is more than satisfied. Films this venue is a very big area I must say that it was tricky to find a spot because there were a lot of local people but also tourists having their lunch so it suggests that once you find a place to sit hold onto it. You can also have some different kinds of beers and other beverages while you enjoy your lunch. At the end of your meal I suggest you check out the pastel de nata and coffee bar at one of the corners inside this venue where you can have coffee and a pastel de nata for only €2which is perfect to finish up on your lunch on a good note.


The colorful toilet paper shop

Another very fascinating please I suggest you to visit is the so-called colourful toilet paper shop. We found this place because our Portuguese host suggested that since we were passing by we could check it out and see how it is in the inside. As soon as we got in we saw a whole set of toilet papers very different from your ordinary toilet paper. This one's were coloured in bright colours ranging from yellow to red and deeper colours like blue and black. When I was asking some questions to the salesman that was standing at the counter he was actually saying that they have some sort of a patent for this product so they are the only coloured toilet paper producers in the world. They also have a exhibition where one can get in there toilets and having experience by just paying €1. One of my friends made a bald decision and decided to try out the experience. But when she came back she told us that it was a simple toilet but with the particularity of having coloured toilet paper. She brought some as a souvenir and we all had little pieces of coloured toilet paper in our pockets just for the sake of memory.


Image source 

Panoramic views in Lisbon

Something that you just can't miss out on is the view of the beautiful city of Lisbon. This actually goes for any city you come across and you intend spending some time in. It is a fun activity to do where you try to find a hill top or the highest point of a city and then climb walls or walk along steep stairs. Once you get to the top you instantly forget about the pain and trouble it took you to get to this high view point. What matters now is to be fully present in the moment and feel the atmosphere with all of your five senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch and as hard as it might sound get your taste buds in as well (maybe you can do this by preparing in advance a small piece of pastry typical of the city you are visiting or even a sandwich to give you some energy). As you spend a couple of days in Lisbon you will notice that it is a lot like a 'roller-coaster ride'.A part from few plane areas most of the topography of the city goes up and down. This means that you have the best territory to find a high view point and streach your eyes as far as the shore lines. Depending on the view point you choose you can spot some big ships wondering in the Ocean.


The colorful side of Lisbon 

Color is an essential component of the atmosphere you will find in the city of Lisbon. There is no stopping when it some to playing with colors in terms of building facades, generally speaking the clothes you see people wear, the street pavements and the shops all bring you to a multicromatic walk around Lisbon. In my humble opinion this has something to do with the fact that Lisbon but even Portugal as a whole country is a place where summer lasts until late November and starts as early as in 'spring season'. This makes Portugal a relatively warmer country making the stereotype a reality: people living in a warm weather country tend to be more vibrant, colorful and relaxed as opposed to people from cold weathers whom generally speaking have a tendency to be less open, focused on working and efficient productivity. I have nothing against either of the categories of countries because I have had the chance to experience both of them and my conclusion is that they are both charming in their own unique way. 


Some of the grafiti that I saw on the walls while walking around in Lisbon were so touching and so expressive. You can actually the sweet and lovely emotions some of them are made while from other graffitis you will easily percive a more agressive and violent vibe.

In order to make day to activity easier, in the city of Lisbon you will find a tram line, the one we all have seen in every advertisement abuot Portugal. It's beautiful yellow color reminds me of my childhoodand wakes in me the spirit to start playing again like a child. It is incredible how something as simple as tram-way and its yellow paint can evoke so much in ones existance. So when in Lisbon try to hope in one of these trams and have a nice tour of the city. If not at least take a picture of the yellow tram-way just for the sake of memory. 


Some of the facades of the buildings were also surprisingly colourful and vibrant looking. It is easy to spot colors like pink, green, blue and the very typical orangy-yellow color you will come to notice in many angles of the city, including the castel of Pena.


Most of the buildings in the central part of Lisbon have a very intricatedly designed facades. It gives you an insight on how much work has gone into the whole architectural design when this building was constructed. So my advise for you, my reader, is to stop walking with your head down and take a chance by looking up and holding your head high. In this way your physical perspective together with the mental perspective changes automatically and adventure beggins in that instant.

Keep yourself hydrated 

If you are planning to spend your days in the summer and you're working a lot in Lisbon then it is important to keep yourself hydrated and take some time in the shade to rest. When you want to do this, along the main road you can find many bars where you can just get in for quick glass of water or another type of refreshing drink. Sometimes just been in an indoor area where there is air conditioning helps you to catch up with you breath and relax for a little while. Since the bar owners and the people who work in restaurants know that it gets hot, they will actually be tolerant of people who just want to get inside to get cooler and catch their breath so don't be shy to stop by a bar or a restaurant.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I hope you liked it. Cheers!

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