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Lisbon by night

Published by nahom worku — one year ago

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Hello my faithful readers, this time around I want to share what was like wondering around the streets of Lisbon by night. This is something that I actually advise you to do responsibly as some cities may have more 'surprises' than others. The main reason why I am in favor of visiting a city by night is because it lets you see and discover parts of the city that would not emerge during day time. This unseen parts of the city during day time maybe simply panoramic views of a city from a hill top or some venues that are open only by night. With a great dose of adventurousness I am sure it is possible to go a little further than the usual, and why not discover some intriguing features of a city. If you happen to travel a lot during the summer especially in hot countries like Portugal (last summer temperatures got as high as 40 degree centigrade with high levels of humidity), a walk by night is a must. Moreover temperature by night tends to lower down and if you are lucky a fresh breeze comes in as well. Add a refreshing beverage on the side and let me tell you that is the recipe to freshen up in summer and enjoy the evening, instead of not doing anything and complaining about the hot weather. So here in this article I want to say a thing or two about my experience on what was like for me Lisbon by night. Here we go...   


City of Lisbon in summer nights

Lisbon is one of the most ecclectic cities I have ever spent a week in. The simple fact that it is full of youngsters that really want to chill out and relax in the time being. Now during day light it gets quite hot and the sun makes it hard, especially in mid day, to take a walk and chill on the squares and streets. Therefor what I noticed is that a lot of people (at least the ones taking some holiday) tend to stay indoors until late afternoon and as the sun goes down the streets and squares flourish with crowds of people hanging out and most of them enjoying a conversation in between sips to some beverage of choice


When I went on the discovery of Lisbon by night for the forst time I was taken off guard by how alive the reastaurants, the bars and the numerous streets were. Believe me I have been living in a city well known for its dynamic night life scenary but I must say that the city of Lisbon is on another level. The smiles and warmth you can feel by just walking around this crowd makes you feel like at home. No need to worry about much, you can simply say hi to the first stranger you meet and exchange a pleasent conversation, what better way do you know to enjoy a holiday uhu??. That is what I exactly felt about Lisbon by night and about the lovely local people (including the tourists).



Thankyou for reading this article. I hope you like it and also I am sure now you are more intrigued to discover Lisbon by night in your next holiday to Portugal. Cheers!!! 

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