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Four great places to see dance shows in Lima

Hello Everyone! I hope that each one of you is very well. I would like to give you all a list of some of the places when you can discover a Peruvian dance show within the city of Lima.

We Lima people are lucky enough to live in the capital city, and we have an abundance of options to be able to choose from.

Without further ado, Let's start with the following recommendations:

  1. The cultural association of Brisas del Titicaca: This place is one of the most visited and with one of the best staging, that I recommend you visit it as your first choice.

    Address: Heroes Jr. Tarapaca 168, Cercado de Lima - Peru. - Contact numbers: +511 715 6960/ +511 715 6961

  2. Dama Juana:With its new, and more modern location in the Barranco district, you can also enjoy an incredible experience.

    Address: Av. Francisco Bolognesi 292, Barranco 15063, Perú

  3. La Candelaria: Very close to the NOAM art and movement dance studio, one step away from the Metropolitan Boulevard station.

    Address:Av. Francisco Bolognesi 292, Barranco 15063, Perú

  4. Junios: It is located inside what would be a hotel in the Miraflores district. To be able to come here, you should reserve to have a buffet dinner and take full advantage of the show.

    Address: Jr. Independencia 125 Lima 18, Lima, Perú

I hope you are encouraged to come and see all, if not one or two, of these places. Thank you very much for reading and see you soon!





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