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Erasmus Leuven 2017 / 2018 (English)

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Hello Guys, I will go to Leuven in September and I will stay till June. I have already found a room just in the centre of the city, it was only 300/ month so It´s perfect. I found this room with a shared bathroom in the Online page of KU leuven ( I will leave you the link downwards) Moreover, I will go to the french university, but in Louvain la Neuve there are only houses and residences, and I believe that It´s best to go to a place where you can enjoy the views, have everything you need available and practice both languages french and dutch. What I mean with the above, is that if you struggle to stay in the city, I recommend you to consider those facts.

Hopeto seeyou all there! Can´t wait!



Can I ask: do you speak any Afrikaans? If you do so, then I think it will be even possible to communicate with the landlords in Flemish. Afrikaans and Flemish are extremely close to each other. This will for sure simplify your search for a quality kot,

Ps.: Miriam: "practice both languages french and dutch": Practicing French won't be difficult at the UCL, yet practicing your dutch may prove difficult. In Leuven but in Belgium in general, it's regarded as polite to speak immediately in English to foreigners. That means that from the moment we, Flemmings, hear you speak Dutch with an obvious foreign accent, we'll switch instantly to English. You can try of course to prove me wrong, but that's thing I've heard most of the time when speaking with foreigners trying to improve their Dutch while being in Leuven.

Best regards,


Hi! Im an erasmus student from seville and im looking for a place to stay from september to december/january. anyone looking?

Hi guys,

Is anyone already in Leuven?

I'm coming there for one day (24 June) just to check out my accommodation and the city and I'm looking for someone to hang out with :) Feel free to message me if you'd like to show me around. I'd be really grateful!

I'll be there anyway as our exams last till the end of June. It's a huge time ago I saw a foreigner so I would be delighted. Ale moj polski nie jest dobry ;p

Hello :) I'm Milena and I'm from London, but I was born in Poland. I'm coming to Leuven to study Law for the whole academic year. I am clean, tidy and considerate but I love to go out and socialise too. I am looking for a studio or a shared flat, maximum 3 people. Please let me know if you are looking for a roomate, I would really appreciate it! 

Showing 21-26 of 26 entries

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