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Erasmus experience in Leiden, Netherlands

Why did you decide to go to Leiden, Netherlands?

For the university's reputation.

How long does the scolarship last? How much money does one receive as suplement?

5 months, 230 euros a month.

Erasmus experience in Leiden, Netherlands


How is the academic environment in Leiden?

There as activities organized for students by the internacional groups, but besides that, not much else.

Would you recommend the city and the university of Leiden to other students?


How is the food of the country?

Expensive and of low quality.

How did you find a place to stay?


How much is the rent? And the costs in general?

Very high in general. If you are searching for a house on your own it will be around 350-400€. With the university it is even more expensive, around 500€.

How is it with the language? Did you attend any course at the university?

I only attended classes in english.

What is the cheapest way of reaching Leiden from your city?

Flight with Easyjet to Schipol, and take in consideration that an extra 5 euros are needed for the train that makes the connection between the airport and Leiden. As an alternative you can take a flight with Ryanair until Eindhoven, but to get to Leiden from there you have to pay an extra 40€ for the bus.

What places do you recomend for going out in Leiden?

Einstein, Olivier... then there are some other clubs but they are packed with very young people (17-19 years old).

And for eating in Leiden? Can you speak a little about your favourite places?

Indonesian fast food restaurants have 5€ menus for lunch.

And what about cultural spots to visit?

The mill and some museums, not much else.

Do you have some advice that you would like to give to future students of Leiden?

During all winter until March, it rains and snows constantly. The city is very small and doesn't have much entertainment offer, and on top of that make trips to other more interesting and atractive cities for turism (Amsterdam for example) is quite expensive because the meins of transportation and the trains cost a fortune. A ticket of go and return Leiten/Amsterdam goes up to 18 euros.

Erasmus experience in Leiden, Netherlands


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