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  • De Lachende Koe

    De Lachende Koe is an a la carte restaurant. They are totally not expensive, so the perfect place for students. They have special offers when you order a two or three course meal, namely, that you get your drinks included, from wine and beer to sodas. What more do you...

    0 by Sanne, in Where to eat Leeuwarden, 4 years ago
  • La Cubanita

    Another one of my favorite places in town. A Spanish tapas restaurant. You can order your tapas in rounds. I love going here with my friends. They have amazing food and their cocktails are great too. Once in a while they have an arrangement, for which you pay around 5...

    0 by Sanne, in Where to eat Leeuwarden, 4 years ago
  • Fruitbar Sis

    My second favorite hang out spot in town. I often go here to drink a nice, freshly made smootie. The atmosphere in the smoothiebar is really cute and cozy. The cafe is not big, however, it serves some of the best organic home made smooties I have ever tasted, and some...

    0 by Sanne, in Where to eat Leeuwarden, 4 years ago
  • Fire Cafe

    By far my favorite cafe in Leeuwarden. A really cozy cafe located near Kelder 65, and the waterfront. You can sit inside and outside. Outside they have a really cozy space, with cushions, heaters and couches, great to catch up with friends, before hitting the city or...

    0 by Sanne, in Cafe, cocktail, beer Leeuwarden, 4 years ago
  • Douwe Egberts

    A cozy coffeebar in the middle of the city with views over the famous skyline of Leeuwarden, with the Achmeatorens. You can enjoy your specialbrewed coffees and teas inside or outside. They have all kinds of specialties, my favorites are the Lazy Noon (coffee with a...

    0 by Sanne, in Cafe, cocktail, beer Leeuwarden, 4 years ago
  • Prinsentuin

    My favorite park in Leeuwarden, the Prinsentuin. A very popular park located next to the city centre. You can chill in the park, eat something in the restaurant, hire a boat and tour around the city, feed the ducks or just bath in the sun. It is truly beautiful with all...

    0 by Sanne, in What to do Leeuwarden, 4 years ago
  • Achmeatoren and Averotoren

    Averotoren An office building in Leeuwarden, it was built in 1991. Now you will think, why is there an office building in the list of important buildings from Leeuwarden. There is a great reason for that, because it is one of the main markers of the city. It is a 77...

    0 by Sanne, in What to see Leeuwarden, 4 years ago
  • Oldenhove

    A cricket tower in the city centre. The question still raises, how is this building still standing? The base is straight, however later it starts to get cricket. This is all because of how it was build. They started straight, and everything went well, until the ground...

    0 by Sanne, in What to see Leeuwarden, 4 years ago
  • Island of Terschelling [Netherlands]

    Could you ever have imagined that The Netherlands has a white-sand endless beach? Well, indeed they have, in Terschelling. Terschelling is just one of the four big islands situated in the north part of the Netherlands, across the Northern Sea. All of them are inhabited...

    0 by Becks, in What to see Leeuwarden, 6 years ago
  • Leeuwarden city tour

    Discover all the tricks and hotspots of Leeuwarden guided by their local people.  Every Saturday at 12h, in Leeuwarden there is a Free tour that last between 1,5-2h and allows you to visit all the monuments and sightseeing sites in the city. Besides, as long as you are...

    0 by Becks, in What to do Leeuwarden, 7 years ago
  • Club Red

    Ranked the second club in the country and the first one in the north section, this is a clear must when talking about partying in Leeuwarden during your erasmus year. Great atmosphere and music, and one of the cheapest places to go out where beer is just 1€!! (at...

    0 by Virgi, in Erasmus party Leeuwarden, 8 years ago

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