Erasmus experience in Leeds, United Kingdom

Erasmus experience in Leeds, United Kingdom.


Why did you choose to go to Leeds, United Kingdom?

I chose to go to the University of Leeds as it is a giant campus within a city, and I chose Leeds for it's location and it is a very studenty city.

What is student life like in Leeds?

It could not be better! The city has five universities and as you walk through the streets, the majority of people are young. Most of the restaurants and shops have student discount. There are hundreds of places to go party, every day of the week there are clubs open so it is impossible to be bored! Also, if you fancy something a bit quieter, there are bars within the university and a mountain of pubs near to the university or in the centre.

Would you recommend the city and the University of Leeds to other students?

Without a doubt! My Erasmus was unique thanks to university and the city. I loved the University of Leeds, the modules were really interesting and the standard of teaching was very high. It is a university full of facilities and a great atmosphere.

Leeds is a city with lots of shops and the centre is full of beautiful corners. Furthermore, it is in a good location as you can easily travel to places like Liverpool, Manchester, York, Scarborough... Travelling via bus within the UK is very cheap and it is the same if you buy train tickets in advance, so take advantage of it!

How is the food in England?

I think that English food is undervalued: it's not the most innovative food in the world but they have some good dishes. If you live with English people make sure that at least once on a Sunday you have a Sunday Roast, you can find them in any pub, I would not miss it! The supermarket, Morrisons, is the cheapest and you can do your shopping here without spending much at all. For fruit and vegetables the market is very good and much more economic, as well as fresh!

Erasmus experience in Leeds, United Kingdom.


Did you find it difficult to find accomodation in Leeds?

I stayed in the universities halls of residence (Leodis) and to tell you the truth I left feeling very satisfied. It was next to the university and 15/20 minutes from the city, I shared the flat with Erasmus and English students and I was very happy there.

How much does it cost to live in Leeds?

It costs 300 pounds per month to live including some excursions and dinners out, saying that, it is possible to live with a little less than that.

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