Experience in La Paz, Mexico by MARLENE | Erasmus experience La Paz

Experience in La Paz, Mexico by MARLENE

What do you think of La Paz as a place to live? Do you recommend it? How is it?

I like living in La Paz because is a quiet place with dunes, mountains and very clean and beautiful beaches where you can dive and see thousands of marine species. There are also clubs to go out at nights and very nice restaurants with very delicious food. The breakwater is a great place to go for a walk and meet nice and friendly people.

How is the student life in La Paz?

For a student that lives on their own, you can find rents between 3500 and 5000 pesos, but if you share the rent with more people, you can pay aroundo 1500 pesos. Furthermore, it is around 3000 for food and 600 for public transport per month (it is 5 pesos per ticket if you are a student). If you go to Los Cabos or Loreto, you can take the bus and by paying with your student cart, you obtain a 50% off the price.

It was hard to find a accomodation? Could you give any advice?

I recommend first to go to a hotel and look for offerts in the buildings of your college. If you call the owner, they can take you to visit the place and then you get to decide. In some places is not mandatory to sign a contrat, so if you don't like it, you can move at any time to another place. You can also search in Facebook "casa en renta La Paz" and you can find fine places. I am going soon to Zaragoza and I will be back in July. If someone is interested, I can guide you through the city or rent a room because I live on my own.

How is the food in the country? What are your favorite dishes?

It is a tradition to eat freashly caught fishes in ceviche, coated, breaded, filled, roasted, grilled... The best ones you can find them in Loreto, at 5 hours from La Paz. In La Paz is also a tradition to do barbacues of meat and fish.

What places do you recommend to visit in La Paz?

Definitely the museums, beaches, caves, mountains, islands and visiting the places near by. On the weekends, you can visit Baja Sur that has a hot climate, 42ºC as maximum. In the winters is not very cold, so with wearing a jacket is enough. In San Marcos you can see whales and eat many shrimps. There are also many small villages that are very beautiful with very friendly people.

What about eating in La Paz? Could you say your favorite places?

Las Bandidas, where you can eat dealicious burgers, La Marmoleda, Los Maguelles, el Zarape, Las gorditas Doña Tota, KiKis burger, el Molinito for seafood, el Dorado, Los Laureles, Sushi Otro Rollo, Jario sushi, Carnitas los Michoacanos, Birria, etc.

What clubs do you recommend to go partying in La Paz?

El Sinatra, el Dubai, la Cervecería, el Campanario, el Parnazzo... There are many places in the breakwaters like El Stela, los Ciltepinos or el Capri.

Any advice to give for the future students heading to La Paz?

Don't bring very warm clothes because you are not going to need them, enjoy your stay here and meet the Nature that God offers us.

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