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Erasmus Krakow 2017 / 2018 (English)

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Im Lou from Chicago, U.S. I will be studying at Jagiellonian University Medical College starting in the fall. If you're looking for a roommate, let me know! 


My name is Andrés Cueva and I'll be studying in Krakow in the AWF University. If you want to share a flat with me, send me an email.


hi! Im going to study at Krakow next year too! Contact me if there's a wa group please!!

Hi! My name is Pauline and I will be studying at the University of Economics Krakow during the winter semester. 

Currently I am in a booking process for a 7-room flat in the Kazimierz district in Krakow. The prices are either 1250 or 1350 PLN and there are still 6 rooms available. So if any of you would be interested in sharing a flat, please feel free to send me a message.

See you in Krakow!

HI! My friend and I are going to Krakow next year, the second semester of the academic course! So If there's a wa group, and someone is looking for a shared apartment, please conact me!

See you!

Ciao , im Fabrizio  , i will studying  at the university of economics Krakow during the whole academic year and im looking for the ftatmates too , i would  share a house with erasmus student like me . Im going to krakow at the middle of september  , just two month i will be there , so its time to find a flat . If you are searching as me  , contact me .

See you soon  guys :)

Hello, I'm Nathan, I come from french part of Switzerland. I'm 21. 

I will study next academic year in Kraków (UJ) and I looking for 1-2 roomates in a flat. I haven't flat for the moment but we can search together. 

I speak french, english and a little german and polish because I know well Poland :)

Contact me, I don't bite :)

Hi, I'm Joséphine. Next year, I will study at Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University in Kracow  during the whole year (2017-2018). I would like to share a flat, if you interested contact me ! 

See you !


I´m Daan and I´m going to study at the jagiellonian university next year. Hope to find accomodation and flatmates in the coming days. 

Hi, I am a student from the UK doing a placement year in krakow. Looking to meet some other students!

¡Cuánto español por aquí! 

Hi! I'll start to study at the Academy of Music in Krakow in October. I am looking for flatmates and meet new people! See you!

Hi! I'm Enis, I am coming from Istanbul. I will be studying in Cracow University of Economics. See you there!

Hi, I am a research assistant at both Viadrina European University near Berlin and at Istanbul University. On 21st September I am coming to Kraków  to do a library research at Pedagogical University of Kraków for my thesis and I am going to stay in this city for about one year. It is going to be my first time in Kraków. So I would love to connect with any of you who is willing to explore the city

Hello there!

I'm Pauline from France and I'll be studying international relations at Jagellonian University during the first semester. I'd like to meet new people, feel free to get in touch with me so we can all meet when we get to Krakow. Cheers :)

Hi, everyone!My name is Noelia and I am from the Canary Islands, Spain. Me and my friend María are going to spend the winter semester in Krakow. We have been looking for accommodation and we've found a flat that we like, so now all we need is two more flatmates to fill it with! The apartment consists of 4 individual bedrooms, a bathroom, a toilet, a living room and a kitchen. The price per room would be around 1150 PLN, although the first month will be a little more expensive since we have to give a deposit and pay an agency fee. As for us, we are both fluent in English, tidy, friendly, positive, and above all, we want to make the best out of our Erasmus experience, so we are really looking forward to meeting new people and having fun!If you are interested in joining us, or if you want any more information about the flat or about us, please send us a message. Hope you all have a great time in Krakow and see you there!!


I am Mateo and I am law student. I will spent winter semester in Krakow at Jagiellonian University. If there is anyone going to same university as me, h, i would really like to know you so we can hang out, help each othr if needed and have fun! :D

I hope we all hang out while in Krakow! :D

Hi! I'm Giuseppe and i'm going to study Economics at the Jagiellonian University in the spring term (february/June). I'm looking for a lot of friends!!!! contact me ;)

Hi, I am Justin from Singapore and looking for a shared flat/apartment in Krakow! I will be studying in Cracow University of Technology from Feb 2018 to July 2018. Pls contact me to share accommodations! Thanks!

Hi I am Jose Miguel, I will be studying at The Faculty of Management and Social Communication for the second semester, so if anybody can help me or is also looking for accomodation, please contact me.


I'm özge özlü from istanbul. I'll be studying at Pedagogical University of Cracow on the 2nd semester of this year. If there is anyone who is going to study at the same university, I wanna know you. Please contact with me!!

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