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Day trip to Konya, Turkey

You probably heard about Mevlana Jalal Addin Rumi, popularly known as Rumi from 13th century. He was great Persian poet, jurist, Islamic scholar, theologian, and Sufi mystic.


Day trip to Konya, Turkey

How to travel there?

I fortunately got chance to visit this city during the last summer. The city's present name is Konya, which is inside Turkey. You can travel to Konya by bus, speed train and airplane from Ankara and Istanbul and other cities. It's a small city and if you can manage one day, you can discover almost all important places inside the city.

Where are the popular places in Konya?

The first place you can visit is the Mevlana Museum. It's in the heart of the city. The second building you see in the photo above is Mevlana Museum. You will come to see different stuffs used by Rumi in his time and his tomb inside the building. Don't miss the Mevlana Whirling Dervishes (Theatre Performance) in the evening (check the photo below). Make sure, the day you are going there, they have theater performance.


Additionally, you can visit Sems-i Tebrizi Mosque, Aziziye Mosque, and Esrefoglu Mosque if you like old infrastructures. Moreover, visit Alaeddin Hill in the evening for having great Turkish coffee with beautiful Konya city's view. You can see the whole city from this hill. For lunch you can visit local restaurant. I went to the following restaurant and found it very good. It also serves popular Konya Pide. You may try it.


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