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5 things to know before coming to Kayseri, Turkey

Kayseri may be a great place to live in for some people while for some, it may not be the kind of city they will prefer to live in. Before coming to Kayseri you must be aware of the 5 undeniable facts about the city. They are listed below:

  1. If you are coming to Kayseri in winters, pack some warm clothes because it may get very cold there. Also, its better to get some snow shoes becuase in winters, it snows alot in Kayseri and the roads and footpaths may get very slippery.
  2. 5 things to know before coming to Kayseri, Turkey

  3. Before coming to Kayseri, learn some Turkish becuase the people here rarely speak English or other languages such as French or German. Wherever you go, to the malls, governmental or private offices, hospitals, people will only speak Turkish. If you are lucky, you may find someone who speaks English but better not take the risk.
  4. If you have problems finding the ways or problems with understanding the transportation system, dont worry. Kayseri transportation system is easy to understand. If you get lost somewhere, just ask the people for the tramway because of 2 reasons. Firstly, the tramway runs throughout the city and can lead you to most places. Secondly, the tram system is much easier to understand than the bus system. If the tram station is not nearby, there will always be a bus station nearby to drop you to your desired destination.
  5. 5 things to know before coming to Kayseri, Turkey

  6. Kayseri is a small city and so dont expect too much from the city. There is very little nighlife in Kayseri. Most of the shops and restaurants close at 10p. m sharp. You may find some cafes open till late night but they are very few. Also, you may not find so many places to see in Kayseri. It has a few places that are pretty cool like Talas and Kayseri Harikalar Diyar but other than those, you may not find so much to see in Kayseri. However, Kayseri is a perfect city to live in if you like to go to Cappadocia because Cappadocia is only 30 mins away if you travel by car. Also, Erciyes and Ali mountains are nearby where you can do skiing, snow boarding or paragliding.
  7. 5 things to know before coming to Kayseri, Turkey 5 things to know before coming to Kayseri, Turkey

  8. If you are a shopping freak, Kayseri may not be the best city for that. It contains a few shopping malls which are pretty good and contain most of the shops from local to branded ones. However, some products you may not be able to find in Kayseri and may have to go to big cities like Istanbul or Ankara for getting them.

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