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I want to find a house NOW!
  • Roommate

    Male or female no prob .. I want to move today if is possible. If anyone Plz contact me..... I don't have nothin for the room only my small ludgeg... So now Plz call.me now I m ready to join it... My name is raj shrestha age of 48 single and working as gym insctrotor......

    5 days ago
  • Looking for a female roommate to share an apartment in Jhamshikhel

    Hi. I'm 21 years old and I study at the British college kathmandu. I recently moved out from the previous place I was staying at because I wanted to move into an apartment but I don't have a roommate to share it with. Therefore, I'm looking for a girl to share an...

    one year ago
  • Looking for roommate!

    Hello! I'm a 3rd year bachelor student looking for female roommate. I am friendly and would prefer a calmn and friendly roomate. Let me know if you know any opportunities for a room or think we would be a good fit for roommates.                           ...

    2 years ago
  • am 22 year old boy account manager looking for roommate in koteshwor .

    Am 22 year old boy account manager looking for roommate in koteshwor . Male or female with clean attitude should be fine. Room is good with sharing bathroom and  good water facility. If anyone is interested then call me on my number .Room is good with sharing bathroom...

    2 years ago
  • 18 year old girls who've given 12th grades exams recently lookimg for roomates to live around baneshowr/anamnagar/maitidevi etc

    We are looking for girls(2) who're to join bachelors degree to live in baneshowr/areas nearby. With total flatmates being four, the age 17-19 who are queer and mental health issues friendly and willing to share a roomate:) We are 18 year old queer , understanding and...

    2 years ago
  • Anyone that's compatible sharing space

    I am a working adult in his mid twenties, looking to share a flat with anyone compatible. I don't really have in preference just someone who is clean and looks after the place. I am pretty quiet and I do mind my own business and  I often work on weekends too so won't...

    2 years ago
  • 19 year old boy , looking for accommodation near enschede .

    Hello , iam from Nepal and iam planning to pursue my bachelor's degree in twente university . So iam looking for a apartment type room containing kitchen , bathroom and bedroom. I am hoping to share this room with a native dweller of netherlands . We are a group of 3...

    2 years ago
  • I need help for my study

    Hy guys, i am Umesh pandey.i am looking for room woner and who  need roommate for their company but i cannot pay any money because i am poor.i am student. If you are male or female it will be okay. If you are near in Tinkuna it will be better. If you are not a student...

    3 years ago
  • Hey guys I m 21 years old boy looking for a accomodation in ktm

    Hey guys I am  David Gurung, looking for a flat room partner. I'm not a student. I am working as a web developer. If possible I need a flat near to Maitidevi. It's not necessary to be male if you have separate room we can share the flat, whether it's male or female. If...

    6 years ago
  • 23 year old girl, looking ofr accomodation in Kathmandu/Patan

    Hi, I am Jori, a student from the Netherlands. I am now in Kathmandu for 5 months and am looking for accomodation. Preferably I would like to find a room in a shared house/appartment with other internationals.  If you know anything or you are also looking for...

    7 years ago
  • 21 year old guy looking for roommate in kathmandu

    21 year old guy looking for a guy roomate in kathmandu nepal in an affordable price with friendly environment. i would prefer a calmn and friendly roomate. it doesnot matter what type of room is but the roomate should certainly be friendly and understanding. i am very...

    7 years ago

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