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Erasmus blog Karlstad

  • Mariebergsskogen ... rural tranquility right in the middle of town.

    In one of my last blogs I mentioned Mariebergsskogen and if you were paying attention you would have realised that there did not appear to be many photos. The question should then have been: have I really visited it? I have indeed and was saving an entire blog post...

    0 by Hollie, one year ago
  • A Swedish Hobby

    Ever since I had arrived in Karlstad I had heard musings of mushroom picking season.  The joke went that all wild mushrooms were edible ... some you could only eat once!! Chantarelles seem to be the favourite mushroom and it seems there are two types, one smaller and...

    0 by Hollie, one year ago
  • Culture Shock in Karlstad

    Confusion and anxiety in an unfamiliar environment, disorientation because of being suddenly in the middle of an unfamiliar culture, a way of life and an entirely different set of attitudes, that is how culture shock is often described. The question is will I become...

    0 by Hollie, one year ago
  • New in Karlstad ... on a cold and rainy day

    In the last blog I had mentioned the wonderful second hand sector that Sweden has. The bustling second hand stores surprised me when I arrived here. I guess when we learn about Sweden from afar we think technology, sustainability, expendable income and ... well we...

    0 by Hollie, one year ago
  • New in Karlstad ... on a late summer’s day

    It was coming to the end of what I had heard had been a pretty rainy summer in Karlstad, university was starting, I was planning on taking on 14-16 hours work a week so as to cover some of my expenses, but at the same time I wanted adventure and to get out and see the...

    0 by Hollie, one year ago

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