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The University of "Jerez"

Maybe you are wondering the reason for which I put the word 'Jerez' in commas in the title. This has a simple explanation, and it is that the name of the university is actually 'University of Cádiz', whilst the campus belongs to Jerez.

In other words, I am saying this for proximity reasons and for the fact that they are in the same province. However, this campus is considered as that of the University of Cádiz, but it is found in 'Jerez de la Frontera'. So that everything is more simple, I will refer to it from now as being in the University of Jerez (metonymy). With this, one question of clarification occurs to me:

How many campus' are there in the province of Cádiz?

Well, there is a total of 4: Jerez, Algeciras, Cádiz and Puerto Real, although I will explain what it is that they offer us a little in other articles.

What are the origins of the campus of Jerez based in?

Just as we know it these days: near the stadium of Chapín and next to the Torresblancas district. What is certain is that since 1972, in 'Jerez de la Frontera', they offer superior universitarial studies, which allow their citizens to have the provision very close to home, of the best educational level possible.

In concrete, the faculties which existed there in the 70's were that of business and law, both being extended once in 2004 in the 'campus of the Asunción', with other universitarial careers, which later I will exhibit.

These faculties are found, for those who don't know, in the boulevard of the University, just next to what was previously called Chapín stadium, where football is played every weekend. From the University to the train station, it is around 10 mins, for which every morning and evening, you will see thousands of students arriving from all of the cities of the province (and logically some from outside the province, although it is a minority) to study at Jerez.

What types of career can we discover in the University of Jerez?

Well, basically, the campus is dedicated to social and legal studies, including, in the 'social' field, careers such as tourism, and including a nursing faculty. Apart from that, you can imagine the type of careers which can disperse from this social and legal expresion: law, business, magisterial, administrational and business management, social work etc. Last but not least, I have to highlight that the new degrees like those of criminology and security, marketing and market investigation, and of course that of publicity and public relations, which have also experienced considerable success in recent years. In addition, in the same campus, since 2012, they have offered the possibility of undertaking a masters degree in Law.

How is the University from a more physical perspective?

From the first look, seeing the square which forms its installations, there is no doubt that the University of Jerez is not very big - in a few minutes, you can go around the whole campus without forgetting anything which left you astonished in previous moments!

With a wide, but not very long, central corridor, there are some parking spaces (quite a few I have to say) and a zone with banks and ping pong tables on the left once you have advanced towards the buildings.

Once you have arrived at the buildings, you will find the majority of the classes on the right and some study zones, in which anyone, whether they are from the university or not, can go into and take advantage of.

In front of these buildings, there is a wide square with banks which you can go to between classes. In the buildings at the end, we find the library and some more small seminar classes to do distinct tasks which you could come to do in your studies.

Is there anything else to find here?

Without a doubt I can't go without mentioning the different sporting installations which one can find in the University of Jerez. You can play paddle tennis, go jogging and there is even a closed pool which is already completed, but we are waiting for its opening (after more than a year that it has finished).

The good thing about it's location is that in the surrounding towns, there are numerous football pitches in which you don't have to pay, which is definitely not a problem if you like this sport! With regards to basketball, you would have to walk a little further to find a good pitch.


The campus of Jerez is deceiving in that on the first day, you think that it is not going to offer you that much, but little by little, you are going to take a special liking, which makes you want to visit it in future arrivals to study whatever it may be.

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