Social Travelling in Jaipur

Doing Social Travelling in Jaipur?

Travelling means anything and you can find anything in your trip. Usually I travel only for enjoying myself in several places, interact with locals or maybe try local foods. Doesn’t mean you are wrong, but have you ever found something you never expect but you feel satisfied also thankful afterwards?

Guess what? So, are you wondering about things to do in I got wonderful experience when visiting India, exactly in Jaipur. This city is well known as pink city because there is an area surrounded by pink walls. I visited a NGO namely Saksham which means “to be able” in Hindi. My friend, his name Nitin created this NGO and it looks wonderful. It is for slum children and women. He wants to empower them especially in education and health. Anything is purely for humanity and social action.
Saksham is actually a place for children education and women empowerment. Many children learn about Math, English and Hindi here and totally free. Moreover I found that women also get education in the same class. Besides, some pregnant women got special milk and injection to make sure their health along their pregnancy and also their baby when giving a birth. Nitin always ask people who visit Jaipur to come to his NGO and feel the amazing social trip, i mention that way.
Class I joined was Math, english and drawing class. Teaching children to draw makes me touched because I know I am very lucky to be able to travel anywhere while those children didn’t have nothing except their own clothes and hope, perhaps. I have big intention to teach them and also try to speak even though I don’t understand Hindi at all and neither did they in english. But I tried to smile anytime and give my best to make them comfortable during the class.
Doesn’t matter about the length period of the class but I got amazing lesson here that I have to share my happiness to anyone who don’t have. In simple way, I can support their dream, give free lesson and share my knowledge which must be useful for their future.
Not only trip moments in tourism object I got, but also I know deeply about other things to do in Jaipur. Nitin invited me to join children class and presented his NGO to me and also some travelers from Poland. I didn’t take long time and it is great moment shouldn’t be left. It looks great because I saw the big spirit of Nitin to take the children also women for the better future. He wants anyone including them to get equality. Means that anyone has right to be educated.

That is why I felt very thankful after visiting Jaipur. To be frank, I didn’t visit much object in Jaipur but I never ever regret to be there. I spent only 3 days and one day was for the slum children. It was not long, maybe only 2-3 hours but it touched my heart because I never got this experience during my trip.
Finally I could say it is “Amazing India”! I visited some beautiful place and temple, interacted with locals and tasted local foods. The most important is to share happiness and hope for their future in this NGO. Perhaps I will say it is my social trip. However I hope all the best for Nitin and also his Saksham NGO. Success will come to you, slum children and women, because everyone has right to get education and the better future.
It was really great things to do in Jaipur. Should come back immediately!
Sukriya Bhaiyaa!! :)

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